Battle of the Greats

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are considered to be the two greatest generals of all time. A showdown between the two of them would probably have been one of the greatest battles in history.They were two great leaders well versed in tactical warfare, leading well trained and highly motivated armies in the definitive face-off. While historians can only dream and envisage, cricket fans got to see the cricketing equivalent of the ultimate battle between two outstanding generals in the final of the IPL.

Like Caesar and Alexander, Warne and Dhoni were inspirational when it came to getting the best out of their troops. They led from the front, were superb in their tactics and showed remarkable composure in the heat of battle. The performance of their men was heroic, with each man rising to the occasion and doing his bit for the cause. The result was a roller-coaster ride which kept swinging back and forth till the very end.

The run-out was one of the many incidents which had the potential to become a killer blow in another game. Not in this one though; the two teams were unwilling to concede defeat and kept coming back and facing each other with renewed vigour. Similar to the fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed, in the first Rocky movie.

Some of the highlights of the match were –

Aamir Khan in Public!

A public appearance made by the actor who only considered the Oscars to be worthy of his presence. So is the IPL big enough (a matter of pride for Lalit Modi) or was it simply to give company to Mr Mukesh Ambani. The two have been seen together quite often these days.

Can someone provide information about Salman Khan’s accent?

The actor’s accent reminds me of call centre employees who work the US shift. But he couldn’t have done that as he is from a pre-BPO age. So did he go to school and college in America? I wonder how he gets rid of his accent when he mouths Hindi-film dialogues?

An Iceman who lost his moniker.

At the Twenty-20 World Cup, Joginder Sharma bowled the last over and the media made him the ‘Iceman’. The IPL cruelly exposed his limitations. Forget an Iceman encore in the final, the poor guy was not even on the field and nobody seemed to miss his presence.

MS Dhoni finally lost but only just

Mahi’s winning streak as captain finally comes to an end. But no need to fret over it. It took an outstanding performance from a brilliant team to beat Dhoni’s boys off the last ball of the match.

Dudes of the Day: the twenty-two players who lined up for the final. Thank you for a memorable game. The only guys who remember the two semis are the players of Delhi and Mohali.

Duds of the Day: whoever planned the pre match song and dance program. The songs, the dances, the costumes and the performances were completely disparate. Even the third-rate film awards have better choreographed shows.

Avnish Anand

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