Be The Change

For 200 years we have been conquering nature and now we are beating it to death. The insouciant nature of the masses towards the growing need of ’immediate reform’ in environmental policies is quite a malediction on the economic development of the country and countries worldwide.

The insufferable arrogance of human beings to think that nature was made solely for their benefit can well put us to shame. However, those of us with a little more respect for the environment and who have some hope of remaining alive for the next 30 years should be very worried about doomsday predictions. By the looks of it the world won’t just be a hothouse but a very bleak house. The situation in Srinagar, no rain in Cherrapunji, Londoners without overcoats, Bangladesh under water and base camps at the top of Everest, as the mountain sans snow and fog won’t be half as treacherous as it is now, will be the wonders left to savor by the obdurate mind.

The important issue here is that in the absence of proactive steps by governments across the world, who obviously choose economics over ecology, letting developing countries do the emissions saving for them in the name of carbon credits, who will take care of the environment, global warming, vanishing pandas and tigers?

It should be the capitalists of course. Privatizing the environment can lead to heaps of change. hunger for money would be their driving force to do this Eco-business and they may even go to the extent of  saving humanity from imminent collapse. Each entrepreneur will bid for spaces in an auction by the government and governments abroad. Punjab will go to someone, Haryana to someone else. Mumbai will of course go to the Ambanis. It will be the sole responsibility of the winners to ensure that their space is as clean as what is mandated by a global body. This means that the air in their specific areas of operation should be permissibly clean, the rivers should have no effluents, endangered species do not go extinct, the water table does not dip further and the hills and plains do not become devoid of their flora and fauna.

The question now arises is that- would some money-craving corporate organization work for the betterment of the environment? What is in it for them? The answer is that, for their hard work, like tackling the industry, poachers, agriculturists, bus operators, and even the common man, almost everyone who’s out there to make a fast buck at the cost of nature, the entrepreneurs will get a good proportion of the taxpayer’s money. This will take care of the issues immigrating from the wrongful handling of the environment and will definitely keep the capitalists engrossed and happy.

However, we need to understand our priorities and pay attention to the deeply ingrained message that nature has been trying to deliver and we ignore. The hierarchy of our laid-back attitude must come to an end, bringing about a change in our temperament and thought process. Only then can the already exacerbated situation of environmental issues subside. We could have saved the earth years ago but we were too damned cheap. It’s time to wake up and be the change.

Tina Jindal

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