Be Your Own Moral Police

Several instances from the recent hit and run cases triggered debates and discussions all over the country news channels. The central point of these discussions was the way celebrities or the so-called big shots are given a clean chit in almost all cases. Several people blamed the police for this, while some blamed the court, and the blame game still continues.

However, one need not rack their brain to understand the very root of this problem, which is us! And this is true in spite of all the ridicule that the statement might receive. Simply analyzing the issue, there is a typical chronological pattern to the incidences. It goes like this-

-Sometime late in the night, some rich brat goes vrooming on the streets of Mumbai assuming that he or she is the next descendent of Michael Schumacher.

-Some people, generally referred to as people with no common sense, or those who are a curse to India’s economy, in simple words “the poor” sit, sleep, lie on the streets

-Just by accident, and not under any alcohol or drug influence, the brat hits or drives past one or many of those poor.

-Around 24 hours of practically all news channels are dedicated to the flashing headlines and cashing in on this breaking news

-This is followed by some trials in the court and a few interviews, as to how they are guilty and it’s the people who were killed who were at fault.

-The world forgets this and the case is conveniently shut

Amid all this, the raging debate is centred on the last thing, i.e. how can such a heinous crime be simply ignored? Most accusations put forth are either on the police, who according to few mould the law in such a way so as to let these morons free. Some still sit with the same old issue of courts and their snail paced decisions. And those who make these accusations are people like us. People who in fact at every point aspire to be like that one celebrity, people who give a divine status to celebrities and consider them gods on earth, to the extent of worshipping their photographs and reciting their movie songs like hymns, people who the very next day appreciate the same old offender and conveniently forget his criminal status. The world today is full of double standards, and this in fact is one of the most apt examples!

The truth is that these people, who at some point had a simple mentality like ours, are driven by the glitterati that either their wealth or profession gives them, and thus develop no sense of right and wrong. Ultimately, they reach at such a point in life where any publicity is good publicity for them, thus giving rise to several Salmans ,Nooriyas and Aartis.

This argument is in no way justifying the fact that we are the sole reasons for this, and that changing our mentalities would be the only fool-proof solution. However, let us just imagine a situation where a celebrity kills someone, under the influence of alcohol, and the next day the same fans that flock to catch a glimpse of him, protest outside his house! Or put a public ban on his films.

How many of us admit to reading page 3 before bothering ourselves about the prices of petrol or some critical concerns which affect us as citizens? What we must understand is that it is the inflation, the poverty, the malnutrition, the transport, the roads which would ultimately affect us.

It is the female foeticide, rape, murder, suicide, and homicide figures that show the real us, and not the booming sensex, or the top grossing movies at the box office.

We have to judge our actions and preferences, and only then can we have the very basic right to crib and complain about the smallest things in life.

Ankita Bhatkhande

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