Beauty Eyes the Lies of a Beholder

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. It sounds really great and would be true in an Utopian world, where beauty would not just be limited to the physical dimension and the true beauty of an individual would be determined by his nature, his actions and the way he/she treats others.

In the movie “Liar Liar” , the small child argues with his father(Jim Carrey) , with the same phrase, saying that his teacher says “real beauty is on the inside”, to which Jim Carrey says, “That’s just something ugly people say”. Well it bites a little, but who in today’s world cares about the internal beauty.

External beauty wins over all, and by external I don’t just mean physical beauty, I also mean all the pretences, the glam and the sham, the urbane suave one carries… We humans are programmed to think that way, it’s embedded in our minds. We attach too much importance to appearances and pretences.

It’s a simple fact proven by a very simple observation that given a choice to spend time with two complete strangers, we will always choose the “good looking” one. We host parties, wear expensive clothes and spend a fortune on show offs. Some of these things, we even do against our wishes even.

The question is, why do we do all this? Why go to such lengths, is there a point to all this? The answer, unfortunately is :just to get attention, get lavish praises…. in short, lies… lies that will somehow make us feel better, will somehow make all our efforts of “fitting into the society” worthwhile, will make us feel that what we are doing is not wrong, we are just following social protocol.

So, if we could broaden our horizons about external beauty, we could really say that in today’s context, “Beauty eyes the lies of the beholder”.

Ashok Kumar