Become Spiritual

When was the last time you heard of a supernatural incident and believed it to be true or had such an experience yourself? I am quite sure you have some impression of the incident engraved in your mind and you still wonder what caused it. The mind, full of logic, to develop which, you have done years of hard work fails to reason and give any opinion. Why? The answer is that the science we have been studying all our life doesn’t provide us with any logic behind happenings of such sort. The super genius physicists, biologists, chemists and scientists have failed to invent laws governing the supernatural phenomenon. On widening the area of our reasoning, we realize that the answer lies in the science itself. But the science is an unheard one, the science of  Spirituality. Spirituality is often ridiculed as something that existed in ancient ages but doesn’t belong to the today’s era. But do we even have the slightest hint of what it is?

Spirituality in true sense means awakening our consciousness, widening our vision, seeing life from a higher perspective and most important of all, knowing the true us. Though all this might sound stupid to most of you but it has a deeper meaning attached to it.

By consciousness, we understand being awake while we take notice of all that goes on around us capturing the moments in our mind. But there are times when we get a thought of some event and we soon have it happening in front of our eyes, something which we refer to as intuition. How does it happen? Our consciousness is supposed to simply observe what goes on around us in our surroundings and decide whether to react or not react towards them. But how could we predict the happenings prior to their occurrence? There have been evidences of the presence of a soul in all of us and of the fact that we carry memories of our previous lives. Where is this memory stored? The cells, tissues, etc. comprising the mind are altogether new and have no relation whatsoever to the mind of our previous body. Then how could we retain the memory of our previous lives?

The answer to all the above questions lies in our subconscious. By subconscious, I am not referring to the subconscious mind we all are aware of, but, to that area in our psyche which has control over all the above said happening with us. Our subconscious is responsible for a lot of things that happens to us. The nature of our thoughts, our luck, our reaction towards different actions, our state of mind, our intuition, everything depends on the level of our subconscious. A person’s life in this world can be greatly influenced for the good by harnessing its power. And how can we do it? By Meditation!

Now what is ‘meditation’? There are four levels of existence of our mind:
1.      Aware and at unrest (While doing any activity)

2.      Unaware and at rest (During deep sleep)

3.      Neither aware nor at rest (Dreaming)

4.      Fully aware as well as at rest (Meditation)

The level at which our mind is fully aware as well as at complete rest, or the state of meditation is the one which provides our mind with the most effective rest while our subconscious is being acted upon. Meditation provides such peace to the mind which nothing else is capable of providing. It increases our energy level and starts harnessing the power of the subconscious, or in other words, awakens the subconscious, in true sense, the ‘consciousness’, by presenting us with a new dimension in life which most of us are unaware of.

Another aspect Spirituality deals with is the way we lead our life. All of us are so engaged in caring only about ourselves that we forget there are a lot more people who needs a lot more care than we do. If we consider whole world, we realize that we are just another grain in the sand. We need to emphasize on the fact that concentrating only on our desires is never going to change the situation of the world for a second. And this is the reason, no one, apart from a few, really cares about our existence on this planet. Whereas on our side, we want to be cherished by one and all. But do we ever think why would anyone do that?

There is a strong need of all of us to take a step forward and do something for the betterment of the society. There are a lot among us who are hardly able to enjoy any privilege as we do in our day to day life. Doing something for such people is the greatest act of humanity one can do. The pleasure it provides to them cannot be measured in our eyes. The blessings we receive from such people come straight from their heart and have a positive effect on us. And it is not all about the good our act does on them. The contentment it provides to our heart has the power to soothe away the pains of our life. It is much more than the satisfaction, the fulfilment of our desires can give. The feverishness in our mind about our desires, which is the primary cause of the failure of our will power, fades away in presence of such contentment and we are able to step ahead in life confidently. Living life with such an attitude can really bring a positive change in the world and more importantly in our lives, something we all keep striving for.

This is what can be called a gist of spirituality because it has no end to it. Spirituality is not a phenomenon, it is a thought, which needs to be there in everyone’s mind. A great saint has precisely said:

Mind without Intuition; Brain without Innovation; Heart without Compassion; and Life without service is of no use.”

And as far as I am concerned, spending a bit for spiritual shopping in the right place is not at all a bad idea because afterall, it’s not spending, it’s investing!!

Sahil Batra