Before you leave me lonely

Before you walk out on me
And leave me in despair
I would like to ask
Barge you with my unanswered questions
That have for long waited
For your time and your attention
What about the nights
When you whispered into my ears
The songs of our sweet love
The promises you made on me
And our commitments
That I now fail to see
Do those bitter-sweet memories haunt you still?
Do you wake up in the nights
and think of me?
Or think of what we had
or what we could have
If not for your lack of faith
and a belief that we could be
I believed in you
In your promises
In your faithful words
In your dreams
And so did you
Now when you have lost your hope
and you want me to lose mine
I still believe
in your faithlessness
in your inability to love me
and in a future that you can’t see.

Deepali Pavagadhi