Behind The Scenes of STUPID

Another smashing hit by the Great Industry. We bring to you a movie which will be the over hyped and under performing sorts – a genre which many films fit into. The movie is So : Tere Upar Pahuche Iiska Deewaaanapan. We bring to you the sensational coverage of the Making of this movie. Feel like you were present in the movie sets! Meet the stars, the director; see the glamour, Lights, Camera Action! See things never seen before and hear the interview revealing THE secrets!

And now we will start with completely normal scenes and completely stupid inconsequential questions.

Let us go over to the tent of our Dream Girl – Cashwarya Rai Bacon.

She is wearing a designer dress by Gucci (spelt Gooki), which is a fabulous color of green with lemon green shoes. Very chic. She does not look at all nervous for her shot. Let us ask her what is the secret…

Us: Hi! You have a shot scheduled in a few minutes’ times. You look pretty composed? Do you not get the jitters?

CRB: Yes, I know I look very pretty. Why should I get the jitters? I spent the entire morning practicing the shoot. And that is the reason why I missed the morning shoot and have arrived now. My director, whose money is being wasted, should be jittery, not me!

Us: So what is your role in the movie?

CRB: I have a very challenging and difficult role. I play the stereotypical ‘bubbly’ girl who gets to mouth one intelligent sentence in the entire three hour film, after she gets married.

Us: And…? We are curious. Wouldn’t you tell us more about her?

CRB: Sorry, I’m contract bound not to disclose any further information.

Us: Well since she wouldn’t. We might as well. The girl meets a boy, but she needs to seduce him first by wearing skimpy clothes and singing corny songs. Then after they become rich by robbing a bank, she becomes a suave simple Bhartiya Naari.

CRB:(gasp)How did you know?

So now let us see the shoot. Here we have the entrance of The Girl and The Boy. They are running towards each other in a sunflower field. Now the question is, will they or will they not burst into a song? High probability of it happening. No, the projections reveal otherwise. NO!! They do! And here come the extras to accompany them. A lesson from Bollywood – whenever you need a group dance, just burst into a song. The people will know your steps and you will immediately have perfect synchronization.

Meet the composer who made the song.

Us: Sir, what was your inspiration behind the songs?

Khaali Bartan: This movie had a lot of deep moving scenes with terrorists, mother daughter/ father son relationships, flowers intertwining and the car chases. So the music had to be most relevant and yet appeasing to the masses. Therefore, I took my inspiration from “Oops I Did it Again”, “Rhythm Divine”, “Tarzan and Jane”, “I’m a Barbie Girl” etc…

Us: Ok…now onto Director S.Shankore. We have seen some of the sneak previews and the locales indeed look very impressive. How did you find those locales?

SS: Well, we did intense research on this. My team and I went to several locations across the world. And then we came back to India and recreated those locales in our very own Shimla, Manali and our studios. This way we claimed that our budget was Rs. 50 cr while we actually finished everything in Rs. 10 cr.

Cut back to another scene. The actor is zooming in full speed in his Porsche. The glorious sun illuminates his muscles, his goggles, his hair. His hair which would fly in just the right way (the way in which he wouldn’t look like a dork.)

Now the Behind The Scenes which we will not tell you is that the gush of wind is through a fan and the glorious sunshine is a floodlight. And the fake Porsche is sitting inside a studio with the locale being located inside a projection screen.

But wait, here comes the Hero! The Man. The epitome of manliness who only feels the pain of his wounds in front of his ladylove.

Roving Kisen: Tere Naam, this interview

Us: We are honoured! So how does it feel being the good man of the movie?

RK: Me? No, no. I’m the new multitasking hero. I’m a heartthrob with shades of grey. Effective way for the filmmakers to cut down on the cost. Simply no need to cast another villain.

Us: And what is your character like?

RK: He is the uber cool man, the globalised man who wears Italian shoes, Mexican poncho and a fake American accent. He robs a bank on the basis of other people’s stupidity. He will leave a hundred clues but still the police will be dumb enough not to catch him. Of course, this in no way means that the Hero is intelligent himself…

Us: Last question – how was your experience of jumping down mountains and performing all dangerous stunts?

RK: The what?

Oh yes, the Hero wouldn’t remember. He didn’t perform those stunts. They were done by the extras and the stunt men. These people and many others give an equal contribution to the film. But since this is a Behind The Scene, we wouldn’t mention them, will we?

The Indian Film Industry – Hindi Cinema, Tamil Cinema, Bengali Cinema, Telegu Cinema, Bhojpuri Cinema, Kashmiri Cinema, Kannada Cinema, Malayalam Cinema, Marathi Cinema – all have become a daily part of our lives – from the dialogues to the hairstyles. Unknowingly we celebrate them daily – with all their flaws.

Shravya Jain

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