Being A Tattooist: A Road Less Taken


The fact that the world has become so fast paced is accredited to the fact that the level of enthusiasm amongst the youth has grown to an all new level. As we look around today, we find that the youth is not willing to sit down and relax. They are willing to work so hard that “Live your dreams” seems to have got a whole new meaning. Owing to this, we see unusual and out-of-the-box career options up surging. We see an upheaval in terms of the number of start-ups that are mushrooming. Youth is more inclined towards taking up something that symbolises a road less taken, something that offers more scope for learning, and hence growth. Thus, we see the youth being a part of comedy shows, forming rock bands, participating in musical reality shows, and seriously taking up their dancing skills, and doing everything as their heart says.

One such career option that promises to be different and innovative is that of being a tattoo artist. Since, tattoo making has started to become a rage; this profession is also catching up. Also, because tattoos are more in sync with the modernized culture that is prevalent today, the art of tattoo making promises to fetch higher returns. However, tattoo making is an art and requires people of very high caliber to excel in this domain.

Apart from a strong craving for drawing and art, steady hands are also a must-have because quite often, blood may also spill out as tattoo making means piercing one’s skin in the first place. Hence, light hearted people should also not consider tattoo making as a career option.

Just like each career option has its pros and cons’, being a tattooist is also difficult in its own ways. I believe before one can launch oneself into an occupation, it is imperative that they get a podium which acts as a platform where one can not only learn the art of perfection but also continue growing and learning. Devilz Tattoos, New Delhi, India and Great Tattoo Studio, Mumbai, India, are those podiums where someone aspiring to be a tattoo artist can begin as an apprentice. Working as an apprentice helps since one gets to know about the umpteen numbers of things that are also involved in tattoo making that make it more than just an art of drawing on different kinds of skin. The proper use of tattoo making machine, sterilizing equipments, properly medicating the one getting tattooed, are few of the things that complete this art.

However, there are also institutes that discipline you in this art. One of the best tattoo schools is The World’s-only-tattoo-school located in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. DHT Tattoo School located in Virginia, USA, is a licensed tattoo school and is known to produce quality tattooists.

Though, there is a handsome pay scale but aspiring to be a tattooist just for the sake of money is nothing more than choosing a wrong profession. At the end how much one earns, how much one desires, all boils down to the fact that how serious, how sincere and how dedicated one is.

Initially everyone starts as an apprentice at a tattoo studio or a student at a tattoo school. It is desired that one spends months, learning and practicing the art and try mastering it. When the mentor feels that the student or the disciple is skilful enough to take off, then is when one actually becomes a tattooist.

However, the ones who are blessed with qualities like discipline, patience, tenacity, craving for art and drawing should aspire for this profession because at the end it is not only love and desire that takes you to the destination.

Animesh Ganguly

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