Being the Master of Your Own Style

Falling Victim to Fashion:
She breezes into the room, plain white shirt, crisp black pants tailored to her curves, shiny black pumps, hair loosely hanging on her shoulders looking tall and confident.
Whoever she is, she’s caught your eye. A simple but elegant outfit can add an aura of confidence; it’s a good first impression.

We may underestimate the importance of physical appearances, of clothing, and act like it’s beneath us, but there’s always an occasion where we have all fallen victim to the fashion world.
First days at work, first dates, job interviews: a nervous breakdown in front of your wardrobe? Hours spent agonizing over the best combination? Either way, it’s those days that demand more than the usual preparation time to pick out an outfit.

Figuring out the dynamics of fashion:
Very often it’s about perfecting that balance between being dressed up, but not looking overdressed.
You want to stand out, but for the right reasons. You want to be that girl who can pull of the classic white shirt and black pants with style, and yet manage to capture people’s attention. No one wants to be “that person” who wears a shirt that was two shades too bright to the first day of work, a skirt too tight or a dress too short.

You want to play it right, dress the part, to stand out without looking out of place.
That’s what world fashion is — a crazy confusing dynamic place of paradoxes. You want to be a conformist and yet a rebel To keep up with the trends but also to retain your individuality. It’s this duality that defines the fashion world today. It’s what Elaine Stone, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology writes about in “The Dynamics of Fashion.”

It’s not the 70s, where bellbottoms were the single biggest fashion statement, or the 80s where it was about the Madonna look, the shoulder pads. Today it’s about experimenting. It’s about how you can put together the best ensemble for you, one that fits the balance of expressing your individual style within the boundaries of fashion. Being yourself or being different now factors into your style quotient today. This is what Elaine Stone calls the “freedom of dress”

Today Lady Gaga is a style icon, controversial, but still an icon. Word is she never repeats an outfit. In another age she would have probably been a fashion faux paus. To some she may still be, but for a lot she’s bold and daring. She makes a statement. She may be outrageous but she’s not an outcast.

A more fluid kind of fashion:
Fashion isn’t as steeped in trends as it once was. We in the 21st century won’t be remembered for bellbottoms or shoulder pads. We might be remembered as the age of Lady Gaga, but mostly as an age of the unconventional and creative. For the simple, yet stylish. It’s about defining yourself rather than letting fashion define you. Fashion is more fluid today.

Trends come and go, but this newfound emphasis on individuality is something that might stay on for a while. Think of that section in fashion magazines called “who wore it better.” While we all, even celebrities, like to wear clothes that are trendy, it’s also about choosing clothes that make us feel-good. There’s something about the way it fits your body shape, or the colour suits your complexion. It’s the relationship you have with your clothes.

So take advantage of the fashion world today, because it gives you the freedom to define yourself rather than being swept up in trends. Be creative, experiment and figure out how to express yourself best. Dictate your own style rather than let the fashion world dictate you.

Saanya Gulati