Love Letter Writing #9

To all the ‘Women across the world’,

I write to you with all my heart and in the poem below I express my desires.

All I want is love,

All I have is money.

I am half bald, and

I own a pot belly. So,

I want a ‘Beheji’,

With an equally big belly, and

Dyed hair to boot and hoot.

I wear only XXXL clothes, and

I want some one to accompany me to these stores,

I feel lonely there, buying clothes all by myself,

I wish YOU can come with me,

Equally fat and plump as you will be.

Imagine the fun and pleasantness to buy clothes,

Together forever!!!

I am empty and hollow,

Fill me with love so that I talk less.

I am a talker,

So I only talk crap.

So here is a sample,

For the pleasure of your humour.

For the pleasure of your long lost fat love!

I can buy you riches,

From Gucci to D&G.

From Neeta Lulla to Manish Malhotra.

I will buy you 10 yard sarees,

To drape your pleasantly plump self.

I will do it with love and care.

For the love of fashion come to me!

Charity is all I ask from you,

Charity is what you will get from me.

Love is a successful arrangement of compatibility,

Together we will fulfill our lives,

We will wed in a



And we will be together forever!!!



Sayan Das