Best Water Coolers

In the hot summer months, water coolers can become your best friends. They filter water, cool it and keep it chilled so you can gulp down some fresh cold water as and when you need it in the day. However, if you are on the lookout for the best water coolers in the market, there are few things you should be aware of. Before you start looking for the best water coolers, you need to know the varieties of water coolers that are available in the market today and what they can provide you with.

Broadly there are two types of water coolers that you can choose from: bottle less water coolers and coolers that are fitted with bottles. You can make your choice dependant on where you are going to place your cooler and how many people are going to use it.

A bottle less water cooler is one that is fitted to the city’s water supply and uses electricity to keep the refrigeration going. It dispenses cold water throughout the day, but usually tends to take up too much space and electricity. These are the best water coolers for places where number of people is large. Like office canteens, school canteens or any other public places.

On the other hand a bottle water cooler can be placed almost anywhere. They come in two varieties: Countertop and the other that can be placed on the floor. The bottle water coolers available today are the best water coolers for domestic purposes and come in some great looking designs and styles. They are a good option for domestic use because they do not use up as much electricity and also keep the water cold, fresh and filtered at all times.

So, if you are indeed looking for the best water coolers you should decide where you intend to put it. The best water coolers in the domestic variety come with intelligent functionality and offer filtering and cooling facilities. On the other hand, the large bottle less water coolers are indeed the best water coolers for public places as they tend to be more economical given the consumption of continuous water.