Best way to use your camera battery chargers

How frequently should a person recharge his camera batteries? The duration you use your camera battery chargers and the frequency you use them with can help you make those batteries last longer.  It is a common misconception that the camera battery chargers for Nickel based cells like NiMH or NiCd should be used only after the battery has been fully discharged. On not doing so the battery loses out on capacity due to the memory effect. The truth is that camera battery chargers should can be used at any point of the charge and to avoid memory effect it should be fully discharged once in 30 times.

Modern batteries use Lithium Ions and these last longest if the camera battery chargers are used frequently, the use of camera battery chargers on full recharge cycles can be hard on them.

On storing Lithium batteries last longer if they are 40% charged using the camera battery charger as opposed to a fully charged battery.

It is advised that instead of falling for rumours, one should research about the way the camera battery chargers best suit your battery. Over use of the camera battery chargers may lead to explosions of the battery. Under use of camera battery chargers will not give your battery enough energy to last long.

So depending upon the kind of battery being used one can stipulate the use of camera battery chargers so as to increase the life of your batteries allowing you more time to click those precious moments of yours on that camera of yours. Why shouldn’t you put in that little extra effort in learning how to use camera battery chargers, so that you may click, save and retrieve those memories whenever you want to?