Beware! They are Contagious

Sometimes I feel the need to expose myselves, the need to defend myself and the need to protect myself. Whenever I feel laid down, I search for doing things that motivates me instead of making me more vulnerable to it. I love my mom and the Internet for that. My mom is a struggle survivor from the young and the internet is my stress-buster. Lots of inspiring quotes and videos to find.Yes, I believe that a little word of hope provides the strength to move on. Quotes like “What you sow is what you reap” is very true. Whenever we do things, we don’t think of the consequences after we have reacted. They may be worse if we have reacted in bad way or brings in good fortune if we did react in a good way.Ah! Lot of lesson learned and still learning on my way. You may feel that I am true when you read the below post.

Beware! They are contagious

Walking with heavy heart on the road
thinking about my life I sigh
a cute baby with turner’s syndrome
playing midst her home turned at me and smiled
The smile on that baby’s face
It’s so contagious
I smiled back

Here comes the soaps episode after episode
seeing ladies at home and office tormented persistently
the anxiety in their voice made the place
so angry drowning in that sadness in me
It’s so contagious
I started to react, crying

Coming home I saw my spouse waiting for me
happiness drained when he caught me
complaining life and hurting my ego
I felt the edge to defend myself
It’s so contagious
I striked back at him

I was returning home after a long trip
back at home my parents and friends hugged me tight
their love ,their smile filled that place with colours
The spirits are high with talking and giggling
It’s so contagious
I reciprocated back

Whatever or However we may be with our list
Of Love or Hate, Happy or Sad ,Egoist or Altruist
They are like virus-very infectious and
Beware! They are contagious

Umamaheswari Anandane

She introduces herself as a poetess, a writer, a blogger and a simple woman. An Engineer by Qualification, she has always had a passion for writing poems which took better shape in her blog. She is on a verge of completing a Tamil Novel which she is thinking of putting in print. She has started fulfilling her bucket lists with just tiny drops of water, hoping that she will fill it more than half within the years to come.

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