Bhaijaan And Munni: Of Innocence, Love And Humanity

Salman Khan, all puffed up, is fighting goons and cracking crazy jokes in his latest release Bajrangi Bhaijaan; like all his recent films. However, the film manages to stand out, for it is not just another ‘masaledar’ flick. Instead, it is wrapped in an envelope of innocence, which all the actors exuberate throughout.

The title itself is an amalgamation of Indian and Pakistani culture, and encapsulates the essence of the film- Bajrangi is another name for the Indian God Hanuman, while Bhaijaan is the Muslim word for brother. The movie tells the story of a young speechless Pakistani girl, Munni (Harshaali Malhotra) who misses her train at the India-Pakistan border. She is dejected, scared and upset but suddenly her face lights up- all welcome Salman ‘Dabbang’ Khan. Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi, fondly called Bajranji (Salman Khan) takes the responsibility of ensuring the girl reaches her place in Pakistan safely, and faces his share of hardships in the process. Salman as Bajrangi Bhaijaan is as strong as Hanuman for nothing deters his decision of taking Munni home. He is accompanied by Nawazuddin Siddique who plays the role of an aspiring reporter, and is supported by his leading lady Rasika (Kareena Kapoor Khan). All the actors are tailor-made for their role and director Kabir Khan has managed to bring out each actor’s best.

The movie manages to bring back the young Salman Khan charm (See: Prem in Hum Saath Saath Hain and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun). Add to that, the cuteness and innocence of the young speechless girl Munni, and you have wouldn’t stop aww-ing throughout the movie. Another interesting change is the romance between the lead couple, which commences when Bhaijaan calls out to Rasika as behenjee.

It’s not just any random movie with A-list celebrities, critically acclaimed stars, peppy music and action sequences- it is fun yet serious, simple yet dynamic. Humanity has been emphasised and the sweet and sour relationship between India and Pakistan is beautifully depicted.

Beautiful cinematography, perfect acting and stunning direction- the movie will leave you wanting to smile with pride and cry at the same time. It breaks through the conventional rough and tough Salman Khan roles; but Kareena Kapoor Khan hasn’t really been given a different role to play. Nawazuddin Sidiqque’s performance is exemplary, as always, however, Munni (Harshaali) is the star of the film.

Whether or not you are a Salman fan, whether or not you like the songs, whether or not you like kids- this movie is a MUST watch. It’s not every day that in a world so cruel and rude we see individuals and stories like these. It will connect to your heart, and have you over-flowing with emotions.

Do watch!



Bhavna Mehrotra

Image Source: The Viewspaper