The great Bharat shone, almost alone

When the lands around it fell into an abyss of despair,

She showed the world the path to spiritual enlightenment, through Buddha,Shankara and many more,

When the world around found it difficult to communicate, she flooded the world with numerous dialects,

When the world was barbaric and blood thirsty, she taught them the meaning of civilisation, democracy and unity,

When the world around her was dying of hunger, she fed them with her own hands,

When the world fumbled in the basics of economics, she invented numbers to make them understand better,

When the stress took over the world, she gifted them with celestial music;
Seasons change, people change and there came a time when her glory started fading,

The Golden bird was caged and plundered to the core.

Helpless and hurt she turned to the Gods, who in turn showered the land with the likes of Subash, Bhagat, Mahatma, Kamaraj,

With the sacrifice of these and thousands of unknown who followed them,

She was freed once again;

But it was not the sky, in which she once flew,

For she saw sand dunes in the places where once rivers flourished,

Flats and industries, cars and roads where there ought to be forests and squirrels,

Hate and loathing where there should have been love,

She had seen enough and went into hiding,

And the world around her started dividing,

Corruption and greediness started to soar,

And there came a time when she could take no more;
A time will come when she will fly far away,

Into the abyss never to return again,

For, we should pray that time doesn’t come,

And that wouldn’t happen if the world is mum,

People should be united, trees should be planted,

Corruption should be killed, love should be spread,

Above all, history should be remembered.
Sethuraman K.

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