Big Bang Theory Production Put Off


If you are a huge Big Bang Theory nut, you have a worry coming your way. It has been reported that the popular sitcom which was to begin with its season eight filming today, has been put off for a while. The decision to postpone the show’s production has been made, as the five lead casts have apparently been demanding high appraisal and remain without any contract as of now.

Directed by Mark Cendrowski, the sitcom revolves around the lives of four geeky scientists played by Jim Parsons, Johny Galecki, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar along with a beauty-without-brains waitress, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) who is an aspiring actress. What one may call “intellectual humour” is coupled with Penny’s silly character, making the show complexly hilarious. Dr. Sheldon Cooper played by Parsons, happens to be the heart of the show with his annoying, yet, loving nature.

The show was first aired on September 24, 2007 on the American channel, CBS. Since then, the sitcom has captured many hearts and has become widely popular. With seven seasons proving to be a hit among the audience, the show was issued for the eighth season few months back. However, the filming and production have now been put on hold due to contract issues with the lead star-cast.

While we hope that the current contract issue clears in not time and the filming starts as soon as possible, here are some favourite Big Bang Theory Moments for you to live until the eighth season gets aired:

The “Women Theory”

Leonard after complains about the problem he is faces while he is with Penny, Howard explains Leonard his theory on women.

Penny Teaches Sheldon the art of “acting”

After Sheldon receives bad tweets regarding his teaching skills, he decides to take acting lessons from Penny so that he can convince his students that he cares about them.

Sheldon sings Soft Kitty to Penny

Sheldon is forced to sing his “soft kitty”, which according to him is for those times when one is unwell, to Penny when she fractures her arm.

Sheldon hugs Penny for the first time

When Penny agrees to let Sheldon accompany Leonard to Switzerland in place of her, Sheldon, who does not like any kind of physical contact with any person, gives Penny a tight hug to show how much Penny’s gesture means to him.

Howard and Bernadette’s Wedding

This has been one of the most beautiful moments in the show so far. In the open space of their terrace, Howard and Bernadette have the most romantic and heart-touching moment.

Raj meets Siri

After days of Raj’s imaginary affair with Siri, he finally decides to visit her with flowers, in his dream.

Sheldon proposes to Amy

After realizing that he is jealous of the fact that Amy is on a date with Stuart, Sheldon proposes to Amy by “altering the paradigm” of their relationship.

These however, are only few of the greatest Big Bang moments. Almost every episode has its own charm and it is quite impossible to pick only few favourite ones.

As we wait in anticipation for the release of the eighth season, we can only go back to the previous ones and relive each episode. After all, one cannot simple be full with what the show has to offer.

Pallavi Sharma

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