Bigg Boss Not A Place For The Intellectuals?


The feminist Bangladeshi writer who has continuously stood for women rights and is known for her criticism against Islam, Taslima Nasreen has turned down the offer by Colors television channel to participate in Bigg Boss season eight.

Taslima tweeted saying that she first turned down the offer politely and later impolitely.

The channel has apparently offered a big remuneration and the freedom to promote her agenda for women’s rights but this did not tempt her to be a part of the show which mainly focuses on feuds that crop up every now and then among the participants for all kinds of invalid reasons.

Taslima said that she has watched the show “fleetingly” in the past and found it to be entertaining but it was out of her range of interest as she hardly participates in TV shows even if it is only a panel discussion.

Taslima Nasreen has always been a controversial figure; born in Bangladesh she has been living in exile since 1994 for being bold enough to criticise the gender inequality and violence against women in society in general and Islam in particular. After the release of her book Lajja (meaning shame), which contradicted the Islamic philosophy and enraged the Muslims of Bangladesh, she faced death threats from Islamic fundamentalist parties and ardent Muslims.

After her exile from Bangladesh she spent 10 years in Western Europe and North America and received the Swedish citizenship. She then flew back to the east relocating herself in Kolkata, India in 2004 where she lived till 2007 until the outburst broke against her again, compelling her to leave for Sweden in 2008. She then worked as a research scholar at New York University but eventually came back to India.

The 51-year-old writer has been residing in India on a tourist visa which was to expire on August 17 this year, but now has been provided with a residential visa after she met with the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday. Press council of India Chairperson Justice Markandey Katju and senior journalists Swapan Dasgupta and Madhu Kishwar have come up in her support.

If Taslima Nasreen were to join Bigg Boss some intellectual engagements could have been expected from the show which has been engulfed in dreary humour and screaming entertainment, in the literal sense of the term, for the past seven seasons. The speculations regarding this season’s participants vary from Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber to model Shanti Dynamite. Rumour has it that Salman will not be hosting the show this season and Ajay Devgan could be replacing him.

Taslima’s refusal to the show has evoked mixed reactions from her fans. However, it isn’t the right time for her to indulge into such activities, according to her. The writer currently stays in Delhi but seeks her residence in Kolkata where she feels her soul resides.

Ratanpriya Sharma

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