Biker Babes- The New Avtaar

biker.jpgPicture this: She came out of the mall, smartly dressed and accessorized, reached the parking lot, sat on her bike and zoomed off, leaving behind a trail of smoke and people with popped eyes.

Had it been an animated picture, there would have been some smoke out of the witness’ ears because what they had seen was a new specie- the Biker Babe; a girl on a motorcycle right before them; a common, next door girl; not a superwoman, not a comic character but a girl in flesh and blood!

Well friends, this rare and absolutely real scene is a treat, especially when the love for bikes blossoms in my heart as well.

Girls as per societal norms, are usually associated with dolls, cooking, household chores etc. thus this new avtaar of theirs is definitely a bold statement. Ask those who ride, and they will have endless stories of opposition and dumbstruck spectators to narrate. But the pioneers didn’t give in and am glad that girls have been given this opportunity. However, the reactions on road are still absurd and quite funny at times, but change has never been welcomed easily, has it?

From Bullets to Karizmas, from Pulsars to CBZ’s; the women enjoy riding them as much as their male counterparts. In fact, the few biker clubs that exist have opened up memberships to girls too. The most common question I’ve heard people especially guys ask when it comes to ‘Bikes and Girls’ is, ‘Why would they want to ride a bike?’ And the answer is simple, for the same reason guys do, it’s a means of transport which provides you with a sense of speed and power. There is a thrill in riding a bike and only those who ride or love bikes can share this sentiment.

While biker babes still struggle to make their presence felt, the people, the society and the world should be assured of one thing-‘The hand that rocks the cradle can not only Rule, but also RIDE the world’!!

Meghna Baveja

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