Bikes, Babes, But No Bikers!


A whopping 35% of the population of India is below fifteen years of age, however, an even greater number of people watch the much-famed MTV Roadies. Every Saturday when the clock strikes 7, almost all television sets across the nation get tuned to MTV. Such is the craze for this show that youngsters watch the entire repeat telecasts in the week.

A few years back, when the entire the nation was patiently endured the never-ending tale of the ‘Virani Parivaar,’ MTV Roadies came as a welcome break, and was an instant hit with the youth. In all the previous seasons, its charm was never lost. In fact, with every season it added quite a bigger number of fans to its list. The show had all the ‘Karizmas’ and also the charisma that was required to hook the fantasy-fed Indian audience. But things have gone really wrong with my once favorite show, The Roadies.

In the early seasons, Roadies stood true to its punch line dum hai! However, as the seasons passed and finally, in its fifth season things got murkier. Everything about the show, ranging from the selection process to vote outs, is not about guts or a daring attitude anymore, the one who can volley the best abuses in town wins! One fails to understand what role the I & B ministry playing at this moment. How can this show get away with lewd gestures blurred to emphasis rather hide and beeps after the abuses are clear even to hearing impaired beings. They can always get away by saying that the show has collegites as the target audience, who are believed to be above the age of 18. Then why don’t they show a warning before the show that the show is not meant for minors?

However, the real problem lies in the fact that even by showing a warning, it can’t be ensured that vulnerable and innocent kids will not watch it. Though in today’s time exposure to sex can’t be withheld for kids, but in a format like a reality show, it holds a serious meaning and is ten times more influencing. It is quite unbelievable that a channel, which aired a truly constructive programme like ‘MTV Kya Baat Hai’, is indulging into gimmicks like strip shows, girls discussing their assets and a guy telling which girl’s hotness quotient is the most amongst the participants. As soon as the strip show was aired, its video surfaced on the net, which obviously was another gimmick to glorify the show. In fact, there is a rumor that the name of the winner of the fifth season has been already leaked out on the Internet.

One can’t really expect MTV to take care of the Indian scenario and needs while developing concepts. But at least the Indian youth can understand how they are benefiting themselves by watching 13 most ordinary people craving desperately for fame and money and indulging into abusing themselves and others.

Ours is a nation which is at an edge due to its whopping young population. How about making ourselves aware of the Indian reality and work to uphold what the nation really stands for. Let us work towards reiterating the fact that the youth are concerned about subjects other than indulging into petty fights on camera for the sake of money and fame. Let us project our youth as more responsible people. As for the media, “C’mon, even if you want to make money, earn it with your own original content tailor-made for the Indian audience, and not by selling residue of international formats”

Monica Verma


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