Biking Adventure

When was the  first time we remember seeing really snazzy wheels for the first time? In our larger-than-life Hindi movies. All those high speed car chases with thrilled us so much, with the stars driving those shiny blue impalas or Volkswagen van,  or those cute open-top vintage cars in which the hero serenaded his lady-love in a serene meadow while they picnicked and danced. But even bikes got their day under the sun.  Remember Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra singing aloud in ‘Ram Balram’ and riding around on a bike, while doing it?

Fast forward 20 years and now we have movies like ‘Race’ and an entire genre of films which are shot abroad, with sleeker wheels taking up as much screen time as the heroine’s skimpy designer togs. Movies did more for fashion and cars and bikes than any amount of star endorsements could have. So, with Hero Honda dissolving their partnership, will this mean the end of an iconic bike? After all, like the Bullet and the older Rajdoot, Hero Honda bikes have gripped the public’s heart and their wallet.

There are sentiments attached to our possessions, and cars and bikes are no exception. If anything, some men will scowl and howl if a car or a bike gets nicked by another driver/rider, than if their wallets were picked! That’s because usually, a bike is the first time they experienced the freedom to move around with that girl they had a huge crush on. The freedom and love that was flaunted for the whole world to see, was an amazing rush. So, for every male, who is still nursing visions of all those thrills and chills he took on his first bike – and if it happened to be a Hero Honda – then he’s going to miss this brand for nostalgic reasons.

While on the subject of bikes and men, let’s not forget the women who enjoyed being taken around for speedy dates. The feeling of the wind in our hair and the grit in our eyes, which gave us an excuse to wear cool sunglasses and look mysterious and vampy all at once, was just the recipe for trouble – if we were spotted by parents or nosey neighbours. Actually, for most of us atleast, this added spark and spice to the relationships that we were in, at that point in time. And maybe, guys know this. That some of us women prefer to be seen on hip bikes even when the guy (who was anyway hidden by the helmet) is a short-term investment!

Well, if only some of those bikes could anthropomorphise – begin to talk like humans, then they would have such stories to tell! All those life histories and love stories would be revealed.
But men in India need not weep for a lost brand because bikes are going to be around in one form or the other – with one brand label or the other. So, if you can’t ride around on Hero Honda, move on and seek new thrills and chill out with another set of wheels.

There is Bajaj to cater to all those bleeding hearts – especially their Avenger model which looks like a cross between the Harley and the Bullet, and should be ridden around by taller men, which is often not the case. For the high-end crowd, there is always the Ducati and the BMW brand in India.

Ironically, while cars are skipping frills to reach out to the masses, bikes with expensive price tags may be the next style statement, to stand out and be noticed.

Go India go – on one of these wild rides of a lifetime!

Manali Rohinesh

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