Birth of a Child

Depending on how the baby is lost, you might want to first only to be left in peace. Exhausted from birth and labour, perhaps stunned by sedatives or painkillers, there is a need for your sleep to be completely normal. It has nothing to do with the fact that you probably are not a “good” mother. If you do not find immediately happiness or motherly feelings flooded, that is not at all unusual. On the contrary, the same goes for many mothers.

Parents and child first learn to form a bond, a relationship with the developing baby. It takes time  because feelings can not be imposed.

It is possible that your general health a few days after birth is not that great so that you are just listless, sad and tired. This means that from the Postnatal Depression or even the so-called “Baby Blues” was requested. This mood may take several days.

The period of confinement lasts about six to eight weeks. As a woman you are more susceptible to infectious diseases than usual. Therefore try to drive possible dangers of infection out of the way. With the start of the recovery operations are secretions from the uterine cavity as well as violations of the birth canal isolated.  They are not painful and last for few days. Breast-feeding and the related hormone release promote this process.

The question of when after the birth of sexual intercourse can resume, depends on if the parents want a bit more time to themselves. Immediately after the birth of the child, they wish to devote time to the child. Thus, the desire for sexual activity in many cases does not arise instantly after child birth. Whenever the time has come, however, you may give in to their needs.

Many mothers after delivery do not want to have sex. They are exhausted by the efforts of the birth. Through the care of their babies, often with lack of sleep, they feel exhausted. The supply of existing siblings can be added to weaken the forces. So sometimes neither time nor energy for the partner results in the lack of feeling to have a sexual intercourse.

In some cases, mothers are proud of the accomplished performance, feel attractive and alluring experience erotic situations even pleasurable than before the pregnancy.

There is no such rule that describes how  couples feel might feel. There is no recipe that prescribes what to do. Listen to and stay in touch with your partner in conversation. So you can find out the timing of the stimulation of sexual activity and decide mutually when it should take place.