Birthday blues

23rd November 1987. NASA and other agencies refurbished all claims of a UFO but that was the day when I came to planet Earth. The story of my natal life is not so different from that of superman. The only difference being I was banished from my planet for being an ugly duckling.

My parents, friends and family members celebrate this day as my birthday. For 17 years of my life, I celebrated it with pomp and show; a grand party every year with family and friends. It was a fun filled evening with games like musical chair, housie etc. The house would be laden with gifts as bringing a gift was imperative.

But everything changed on my 18th birthday. As legend has it, every boy who comes from a planet millions of light years away receives supernatural powers on turning 18. To my utter disappointment I was bestowed with nothing but diarrhoea on that day. It was my destiny to be a superhero and save planet earth from all the evils but I guess life is no comic book.

And then came Facebook!

Birthday is the only day when I can expect to be treated like a million dollar baby. I expect all my friends to call me and wish me happy birthday, may be sing a little. But life is no Cinderella story; there are no happy endings.

There was a time when people use to jot down every single birthday in their diary but then came facebook. I am deliberately skipping Orkut as it is too hard to come to terms with the fact that we all were once orkutiya. The boost in technology has brought people together but at the same time it has moved them apart. How many calories does a person burn when he picks up his phone to call? How much memory is required to store a tiny little date in one’s brain?

I don’t know what is worse, early ejaculation or my friends wishing me on my birthday only because it is on Facebook and not because of the special place I occupy in their heart. Some may argue, that birthdays are inconsequential, what matters is, your friend being there for you during tough times. But we live in the material world; we are pernickety little creatures who love public display of affection. So every once in a while make time from your busy schedule to call your friend and wish him Happy Birthday.

I dream a dream

All my life, I have dreamt of a special birthday, where my friends would barge in my house with cake and cold drinks (kids, remember don’t drink alcohol) at midnight. In other scenario they all pretend to forget my birthday and in the end when I come home with a bottle of rat poison, disappointed with my life, they surprise me with a birthday bash.

Birthday blues

Once you cross 21, it is all downhill from there. Every birthday is a reminder of your aging skin and body. November is the most depressing period of my life every year. I am 24 with no superpowers and no lucrative career option. I am just a lonesome nobody with an acne prone skin and getting dumped on social networking sites.

My own social experiment

This year I took my date of birth off facebook. The result being, my wall was neat and clean and I got to know who my real friends were. I didn’t get a surprise party or myriad phone calls but friends like Jumsumtak, Wonder woman, Wolverine and Xena: The warrior princess made my day. There is more to life than facebook. Pick up the phone and say the same words that you are going to write on their walls. Atleast that way you won’t make a spelling mistake.

Bhanuj Saharan.