Black over White…

It was touching to see the African’s joy of tears. It was relieving to see the beginning of an end to racism. It was beautiful to hear a black take over the largest democracy in the world. One hundred and forty three years ago, in 1865 Abraham Lincoln and the civil war officially emancipated black slaves from the bondage of inhuman humans. The civil war that stayed on for four years did have its effects and succeeded in abolishing slavery and restoring civil rights by introducing the thirteenth amendment to the constitution of the United Sates of America, which clearly declared that the United States terminates slavery and involuntary servitude. Physical slavery was wiped out, however, the whites continued to shun the blacks. The civil war failed in changing minds. Despite laws and rules laid down promising equality to all, irrespective of one’s color; the whites continued to segregate the so called ‘United’ States of America.

Years later, in the next century, contributed Martin Luther King, the unforgettable black hero, who crusaded against the social injustice done to the black community in America. “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character “, is what Martin Luther once said in his speech; and yes, color of the skin could not conceal content.

Today, as America moved to a new century, they have a man- a black man- , who has seized the whip of color racism that walloped the blacks and brought strength to those tormented souls. Yes, there has been a change. The white house will welcome the first black family. The oval office will now empower a black skin. In this present dire situation, a black American will protect and reconstruct the white Americans. Yes, there will be changes.

What was it that helped Mr. President become the President will remain debatable. Was it his black color? Or his emotional and connecting speeches? Or the crisis in the United States? Or his modest, honest smile? Whatever it was, the credit for ending racism against the blacks belong to all those who demanded equality centuries ago and to those who deemed the demand legitimate.

It is the conquest of Lincoln’s vision of a free United States, it is the triumph of Martin Luther’s dreams of seeing a strong African-American, it is the win of Ann Nixon, whose 106 years old black skin is now proud of its color, it is the achievement of Barack Obama who made the once seemingly impossible, possible. This victory is the justice to those millions of black Americans who, since time immemorial, have been seared brutally for a reason which is no reason, it is the victory of every American who must have been forced to regret his skin color, it is the victory of every black, and it is the victory of black over white…

Suhani Dewra
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