Blagdon Pump

Blagdon pump is mainly into the manufacturing of Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps and accessories. The Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps manufactured by Blagdon pump is certified by EHEDG Hygienic and ATEX both. These certification themselves determine the reliability and quality of the which strive towards delivering the best solutions related t fluids and at the same time are highly customer centric which allows them to be above all their competitions even in the worst of the conditions. Blagdon pump manufactures a wide variety of pumps which are differentiated as metallic pumps, non-metallic pumps, PTFE pumps, Hygienic pumps, high pressure pumps, FDA pumps, bespoke pumps, and centrifugal pumps. The various pumper parts and accessories developed by them are equally reliable and are the nest replacement products to be used with the different types of Blagdon pump. The Blagdon diaphragm pumps and Blagdon pond pumps are developed using the best technology and materials which ensures their durability and efficient output. Blagdon pump is the leading company in the industry for the creation of their diaphragm pumps.

Blagdon pump ensures high customer satisfaction and ensures that any form of query or problems faced by their customers are responded to in less that 24 hours. They provide regular servicing the Blagdon pumps are sold with a 5 year replacement warranty.

George Blagdon and George Flynn from Durnham, England were the founders of Blagdon pump. In the year 1950, they started by delivering goods to various coal fields in and around their area. From the knowledge they gathered by the numerous visits to the coal fields, they came up with the idea of developing a pump to remove the water from the coal. Hence Blagdon pump became the first developer to create a pump which would remove water from the face of the coal.