Blissful Agony

Every moment,
spent in your absence,
is truly a moment of agony.

The Blissful Agony of,
being in your thoughts,
in your life.
But not in your arms.

The suffering of ,
knowing your warmth,
and yet,
not feeling it.

The ache, i go through,
knowing the definite contours
of your face,
and yet,
not seeing it.

My eyes, decieve me.
my ears, listening for you,
in the loud silence.
when, every silent move,
sends my eyes searching for you.

True love finally embraces me.
It travels in veins,
both your and mine.
and yet,
I’ve been betrayed.

The distance, stabs
and kills.
I bleed with sorrow,
in a world devoid of you.

N. Trikala Satya

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