Blodgett convection oven

Blodgett convection oven was first introduced in the year 1960 in California, USA. Blodgett mainly came into existence in the year 1848which was created by Gardner S. Blodgett after the discovery of gold in California. After the discovery of gold and the invention of the Blodgett convection oven, the state of California started taking a different shape all together. The Blodgett convection oven changed and revolutionized the way people cooked in restaurants and houses around the world. Even though Blodgett is based in the state of California, they have been exporting Blodgett convection oven and other ovens around the world even before world trade was still not much into practice.

The Blodgett convection oven is rated as the best oven in the entire world and has found its place in most of the leading restaurants and kitchens around the world. Since the introduction of Blodgett convection oven, cooking has become a kids affair since the cook can very easily leave the food for cooking while the oven does the rest itself. Blodgett convection oven has a range of gas and electric ovens which are extremely reliable and results in the best production of food made in a controlled environment. The introduction of Blodgett convection oven has led to the development of a lot of other ovens based on the same technology and working. Decades of experience and technological improvements have allowed them to stay on top of the game making it the best selling brand for ovens in the entire world. The Blodgett convection oven has been modified to suit different cooking needs. Ovens such as the Blodgett pizza oven, Blodgett combi oven, Blodgett conveyor oven, Blodgett deck oven, Blodgett convection oven dfg100, Blodgett convection oven markV, Blodgett double oven, Blodgett Zephaire etc are some of the best Blodgett ovens which are widely used for various featured food products and dishes.