Blogging his way to glory…!

Five years of enriching and entertaining the world with his simple,
yet powerful pictures through his photo blog, Rajesh Dangi is still as
zealous as he was when he started off in 2006! Bangalore Daily Photo
has been consistently delighting hundreds of viewers from across the
world with snapshots taken in various nooks and corners of the city of

Owner of a string of other blogs too, Dangi is an active
member of various online portals like Metblogs. Also a poet, writer
and a corporate head in Yodlee Inc, the man wears many hats! The
no-nonsense professional gets candid in an interview that was done his

Why Blog?

Blogging is instant reach to the world. It is an experience which was
never sought earlier in any other mode of communication. The very fact
of sharing unedited honest expression with the known and unknown is
indeed a responsibility!

When you started off, did you have some goals in mind or was it just a
casual initiative?

While browsing the net one day, I came across the city daily photo
contest, which encourages photographers to post a daily photo of the
city. And being in a city as wonderful as Bangalore, I thought I could
give it a shot. That initiative slowly evolved and that’s how my photo
blog-Bangalore Daily Photo was born! And it’s been going strong since

Much to the reader’s awe, you’ve been a consistent blogger since
2006…Didn’t you ever have to go through phases of loss of interest
or boredom in the course of time?

Yes, I do even now! That’s why I keep my blogs brief, to respect the
reader’s time and mine! Many bloggers start big and end up small or
even stop blogging somewhere down the lane.

And it is ok to take a break once in a while! After all, you blog for
nurturing your own interest not for torturing yourself by the routine
and the need to meet expectations regularly!

You are a busy person with enough important stuff on your plate…how
often do you find time for blogging? And why do you think you need to
find time?

The work-life balance is indeed a challenge!
But stealing 10 minutes from 24 hours is no big deal! Everyone is
busy…but still eat,s drink,s and sleeps! As long as you’ve got the
interest and the drive to pursue something, time can never be a
barrier. In fact, it becomes very much a part of your routine!

You blog…so you should be following and reading other blogs too.
What do you think about the blogosphere in Bangalore?

Well, Bangalore is becoming one of the most happening places for
netizens. I’ve met a lot of very active bloggers from my Metblogs
circle, other photography forums etc in last few years and I’ve have
made many friends. Though, I don’t know any of them in person, I
respect them for their intellect and work online! The world is very
big out there!

Have you been to any Bloggers’ meet-up before? If there was one in
future, would you consider it beneficial and volunteer?

I tried attending one of those meet-ups once, but I felt catching up
with fellow bloggers online was much more convenient than meeting a

Facilitation for a focused event is what I would look forward to. The
opportunity to network and make friends is what interests me more…

What do you think has been inspiring you all through this journey?

BDP has made me confident and consistent enough to live up to this
challenge. And the useful feedback I’ve always received from viewers
and followers have always been of great inspiration!

Once, an elderly woman living in the US wrote me a mail about how she
cried looking at some of my pictures as they reminded her of her
childhood in Bangalore! Such sentiments are priceless, valuable and
motivating. They keep me going!

What would you like to share with the beginners, so as to encourage
them to start and go on blogging?

If you have an idea, ask yourself if you can do it every day or once a
week and if you can do it consistently with the same interest level…
Calibrate your enthusiasm at the time of start…slow and steady wins
the race after all!

And take it easy! Without any special drives or photo shoots, just by
taking snaps while moving around with friends and family it was my
easy target. I believe looking at this beautiful city as a commoner
itself is a work of journalism and anyone can start doing that with
their observations and thus opinions.

Indumathy Sukanya

“A simple young adult…
A child inside who dances in the rain…
A grown up outside whom you can come to for relationship advice…
A mindless adventurer who takes risks just for the heck of it…
A habitual writer who walks around with phrases and blog ideas running in her head 24*7…”