Blood, Debris..and Some Love

Jaipur…the serene and benevolent city….shook to the sound of bomb blasts that triggered fear and terror in the hearts of all jaipurites. Nine blasts took place in five different places of the walled city area that have claimed the lives of more than sixty and has left scores injured. The areas hit by the blasts were Johari bazaar, Manak Chowk, Badi Chupad, Chhoti Chaupad and Tripolia bazaar.

These places are the financial hub of Rajasthan. The oldest and the most important market places, all planned in a tabular pattern; invite a large number of costumers and buyers everyday. Business was usual at the bazaar, with a slight rush in the evening when the blasts happened. Not only did they deafen people around, but also killed, lamed and maimed many.

For the people of Jaipur, these bazaars are not just markets. Many people come here in the evening just for window shopping and seeing the rush and lighting. These are one of the busiest bazaars lined with thelas of chaat wallas and many shops ranging from those selling juice to sweets and so on. Everything found at a specific place. People living in nearby areas move out every evening, jus to relish the fun of being in the pink city; the part of the city that is was originally and continues to be pink. Those living at far of places, can not resist coming here for long and occasionally come to get the best deal in terms of their shopping with the widest variety of things and prices available. These bazaars are one of the liveliest places in the city. Planting of bombs in such an area shows the grim and condemnable conspiracy done towards breaking the peace and harmony of the city.

These blasts have happened in succession, unlike the ones that took place in October last year in Ajmer Shrarif Dargah. And now they have devastated the capital. One of the blasts took place near a Hanuman Temple. There were a number of devotees who had gathered, the day being a Tuesday. No one had anticipated that the place where they come to pray for their protection and well being would spell doom for them. The poor, who had been sitting outside the small temple, living on alms given by the devotees, had never dreamt of such a fate for themselves. The blood scattered all over the ground with just a pair of crutches lying besides, is evidence of terrorism of the most gruesome kind. The scene not just looks gory and scary; it presents a picture of terrorism having the greatest of inhuman principles lying underneath. What great martyrdom lies in taking the life of innocent, unarmed people, is beyond the understanding of those who are the victims of the spread of such terror across the whole country.

The city’s government hospital is flooded with people severely injured from the blasts. The condition there is all the more pathetic with the people crying in blood and pain. But here too, one thing that demands attention, more than any thing else, is the spirit of immortal brotherhood of the city. These blasts that wanted to separate one citizen from another, have failed to do so. The people of the city are not sitting behind like sheep, terrorized of the blasts and the bloodshed. They are coming out in great numbers boldly and courageously to help and support the needy. The communal spirit is still alive with people rushing to the hospital taking the victims, irrespective of the religion. We all should salute this feeling of love and harmony that prevails in the hearts of the people. And peace will definitely abide in such a place, no matter how hard the terrorists may try to trample upon it.

Thankfully, the blame game of the political parties has not yet started in the city, with the Opposition blaming the inefficiency of the state government and the intelligence agencies in reading the signals and then acting accordingly, following the blasts in Ajmer last year. The government is busy in providing the relief work to those badly hit by the blasts. The intelligence agency has not confirmed the involvement of any terrorist group till this hour.

The occurrence of these blasts in Jaipur, and the spirit of survival shown by the locals has proved that terrorism can no longer succeed in insinuating unnecessary terror amongst people and taking the lives of innocents. Blood and debris is all that remains, but still the spirit of unity lives on…….

Vibhuti Rathore

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