Blood the Divine Drop

Man has conquered space and done many unbelievable things, but till now he is able to find out the substitute for human blood. Blood is a substance so precious that it cannot be fabricated despite all our technology and wealth. Source of blood is from human beings only. Blood donation is an act of kindness with two way benefits. It’s healthy for the donor and it can save the life of the patient. Blood is one of life’s most precious fluids. If you don’t have enough, then you or a loved one can die. So donate blood to such an extent that there is no scarcity. Donating blood is about an hour of your time but for the recipient it may mean their life! Every drop of water builds an ocean in the same way a drop of blood saves life. Every drop of blood creates a difference. This is our world and we shall share the source of life that is blood. In our country, we have many states, many cultures, many languages, many politics and religions but only one river of life (i.e:- Blood).

Now coming to the benefits of blood donation. A donor who donates blood gets many advantages:

1) It helps lower the risk of heart ailments and hypertension in regular blood donors.
2) It improves the capability of body to cope with stress.
3) It stimulates the body to produce fresh and younger cells.
4)  The most important is the divine experience of donating blood and the feeling celestial satisfaction and pride.

The best religion is to save human life and the best gift is to donate blood .The blood which you have donated can help cancer patients, accident patients etc. Scientifically, it has been proven that one donation can save up to 3 lives. Both recipients and donors are benefited; it is a win-win situation.

The missing link between recipient and donor is the motivator. Motivation is a spark that pushes you to do something extraordinary. Motivator is a friend, philosopher and guide for both recipient and donor. Friend means Fr that is forever ready. Fr is more powerful than Sri, Sir, Dr (Doctor), Er (Engineer) and Lr (lawyer). Out of all the motivations it is a noble motivation. We go to various religious places, temples etc and give donations in the same way why can’t we donate blood and save lives. Holy bondage between recipient and donor is SNEHAM.

Tumula Vivekanand