Bond: But Not The Best

Debonair, classy, stunning; everything Daniel Craig is not in the latest Bond venture, Skyfall.

The MI6 agent, 007 aka James Bond (Daniel Craig) comes across as a rugged, rough guy who is bored out of his wits when he is not on a mission. This is not unusual of Bond. One may expect a man like him to be, thus uninterested in the daily humdrum of life. Routine chores don’t excite Bond, operations do! This being said, Daniel Craig does not fit into the classic image of Bond. He seems to be trying too hard to be Bond and fails miserably.

The dynamics of the relationship between M, the MI6 head (Judi Dench), and Bond are explored to the utmost.

The bad guy does not leave the impact a villain is supposed to leave. Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), a former MI6 agent who has now developed antipathy towards the organization, its head, and the country altogether, is nothing like a villain. The idea of him as the ultimate enemy is neither convincing nor novel. There have been so many cops-gone-bad in the past. Additionally, he is not scary to look at, he isn’t creepy and he definitely does not have the physique of The Incredible Hulk that would inspire awe in the viewers.

Naomie Harris shows her mettle and matches the level of Bond in the first 10 minutes of the movie. She fades away as the movie progresses and Bond takes the screen. Harris doesn’t come across as a typical Bond girl, the damsel in distress who needs to be saved. In the initial part of the movie she is depicted as someone who is equivalent to Bond, with badass driving skills and a gun in her hand. However, her character grows fainter and she almost disappears from the movie.

There were a couple of witty moments in the movie, provided majorly by M and Bond himself. Although he has a drink at a bar, when he is trying to elicit information from Sévérine (Bérénice Lim Marlohe), there is no sign of Bond’s signature line “Vodka Martini; shaken, not stirred”. We need the line to be spoken out loud. That’s what we are coming to the theatres for!

With his gadgets department at a low, Q (Ben Whishaw) was a big disappointment. No new car, no cool laser gun, nothing innovative whatsoever! Where’s the fun without some new toys?

The director (Sam Mendes) has worked wonders with the shots taken at Istanbul, Shanghai and Scotland. He has captured some eye-pleasing and absolutely lovely scenes, and the juxtaposition of the bright red of the fire to the pitch black of the night was brilliant.

The theme song of the movie sung by Adele is a delightful surprise and almost a saving grace for the movie. Adele’s intoxicating voice completely captures the attention of the viewers and takes us through the heart of the movie. The song is visually very intriguing and manages to build up the anticipation and anxiety of the viewers.

For an ardent Bond fan (like me), the movie fails to brings across that spark which is usually there in a Bond movie. With no new gadgets, Bond girl, or Vodka Martinis, Skyfall sadly proves to be a disappointment. If the news regarding Skyfall being the last Bond movie of Daniel Craig is true, then happy days are not far away for Bond lovers.

Kunjika Rawat

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