Book Review – Nightmare Room

R.L Stine is an author I am crazy about. He is a New York based writer who has successfully written the series of Fear Street, Nightmare Room, Give yourself Goosebumps and yes, of course the Goosebumps.

I have read around 20 editions of Goosebumps. They don’t give me a chill down my spine ( my favorite one liner from his collection) but yes, compel me to think wild and out of the box.

Not to forget, with his remarkable sale of 250 million copies, he has got his name scribbled in the Guinness book of world records.

“Visit to horror land”, my recent pick hooked me to the novel. No need to say, it is the dearest to me.

The story was so enchanting that it followed me in my sleep,to college and even to the bathroom.

He he!! Ok.

I am feeling remorseful for having mentioned it publicly.

The story has a lot to give to its readers. A family accidently land up in horror land and it then becomes their destiny. Spooky people and scary description of the park, give wings to your imagination.

Kids are quite happy about the visit but only until they are doomed. There are quaint rides and even dreadful security guards. The place is crowded and has all the possible outlets of ice creams, toys and ticket booths that every amusement park has to offer. However, this horror land is different and way too mysterious.

The screams of children from rides, the boating arena and a weird mirror house are quite exciting. Their one time ride on a roller coaster nearly scares them to death.

It feels the ride is intransient and they are never to return back.

With each ride, a new experience is in store for the Bobbsey’s family.

While boating they are almost burnt to death. However, yet again they are pardoned their lives. The real twist comes when it is closing time and they have to abandon the place. They rush towards the exit but something stops them. They are attacked by bats, monsters but they fight back and are triumphed. They are unable to make an escape however. Are those monsters like guards just the masqueraded people or the real devils? Will the Bobbsey’s family be able to make it back to their home ever? Or are they doomed?

It has a flabbergasting ending but to find out the same you must rush to your nearest book seller. I am sure by now you would want to know the fate of Alex and Adam, the two warriors of their family?

The best part for me all through the novel was when they had to make a choice at an eatery shop. Human brain or cow dung!! It got me on my toes because being a gourmet I never would want to experience the same.

Moreover, in the novel you can very well relate with Adam and Alex as they are teen agers like us and are quite inquisitive to know what they face.

They are intelligent, courageous and adventurous but still why do they act immature while entering the horror land despite of the “warning” board outside?

To find a convincing answer to your queries as I said earlier “go and grab the book”.

You will be lost reading the wonderful and thrilling adventures. Rather it’s all the series that demand an intensive reading.

I bet you, it will get you out of your drudgery and as the name suggests give you goose bumps.

Abha Goel