Book Review on “Whispers” by Belva Plain

When reading a book, all I always expect is a factor by which I can relate to what the writer wrote and whatever his character wants to portray. Till the time I don’t get that feeling, I can’t convince myself to write a review over that piece of writing because I am never too sure whether I did justice to the writer’s hardship.

But there is this one book which I read a few years ago named “Whispers” by Belva Plain and it is one of the finest writings I have ever seen. I know that when youth is concerned, 90% of the readers prefer to read conventional books by well-known authors but this piece of writing can dilute all laws of conventional reading. Such simplicity in usage of words and yet such deeply-touched emotions that anyone would dive down in the flow of writing. The story revolves around the central character Lynn whose life seemed to be just perfect in the initial stage of her life when she marries her handsome boss Robert Ferguson. They take vows and there was no doubt that any day she would question any word of Robert’s promises. But then, life goes on and Lynn gets to see the darker side of it where life is not such a fairy tale and reality strikes her hard.

The story shows the extremities of all the ups and downs which Lynn could ever experience but she holds it tight in all the situations. Nothing deterred her from the urge of keeping her marriage safe and going. Robert’s unimaginable face comes in front where Lynn has to pay the price of being abused and hit by the love of her life. But as everything has an end to tolerance; so was Lynn’s patience. The day came when she realised that there is nothing more which can be done and all what is left for her to do is to leave.

The story has so easily yet so strongly revealed and unfolded each day of the central character Lynn that I used to wake up being Lynn most of the days. I have cried with Lynn during the reading and laughed at her lighter moments. The struggle which she goes through is at par any imagination and surely touches all hearts irrespective of gender. Reading the storyline, people may guess that the book appeals only to the female readers but that’s not true. It crosses all boundaries of restrictive writing and would be as much a part of a man’s life as a woman’s. I would recommend all the fond readers to read this beautiful piece of writing if they want to have a touch of sensitivity and sensiblity in the best articulated manner.

Supriya Garg

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