Book Review on Eclipse- A book by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse is a romantic thriller by author Stephenie Meyer, and is the third novel in the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer   was trying to pursue Law as a career as she never thought that her dream of becoming a writer will ever come true. She started her career with the Twilight Series with the first book named Twilight published in 2005, New Moon in 2006 and Eclipse in the year 2007.

About The Author

Stephenie Meyer was born in Hartford and brought up in Phoenix, Arizona. Before writing Twilight, she has never even written a short story. She did a BA in English and was inspired to write this interesting romantic vampire novel after a dream. She saw a human girl with a vampire boy; he loved the girl and thirsted for her blood. After this dream, she came up with the plot for the entire novel and the series became a bestseller. The appeal of the book lies in the sense of thrill traveling through the reader’s bone and its popularity with the masses. The complete series is adapted into movies which has hit the charts and has gained immense popularity. Other than the exciting Twilight Series, she has also written short stories in “Prom Nights From Hell” in 2007. She also came up with ‘The Host’ in 2008 which is a paranormal love story.


Eclipse cannot be categorized under one genre; it is a collection of several genres like fantasy, action, thriller and romance. I have always been enthralled to read philosophical novels and a lot of fiction too. This book entirely grasped my attention with its fast pace, freshness and exquisite and detailed description. I got addicted to the way it is written and to the attractive and spectacular characterization. The story is beautifully weaved that keeps the reader completely engrossed in the plot.

The Story Plot

This book revolves around the three main protagonists Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. The story is narrated from Bella’s perspective. She is 18 now, a normal girl with vivid dreams. Edward Cullen is the love of her life and Jacob Black as her best friend. The author’s previous work Twilight explores that how a normal girl Bella falls in unconditional love with a vampire Edward Cullen and how he saves her throughout from his own greed for her blood and the other dangers around her. The second book deals with the sadness, the melancholy which Bella undergoes when Edward departs to save her. During this period Jacob and Bella become best friends and Bella discovers Jacob as a werewolf. Eclipse revolves around the confusion in Bella’s mind to choose between the love of her life and her best friend. She is again in danger, as Victoria the enemy vampire has created a vampire army to kill her. On the other hand, the vampires and the Quileute werewolves unite together to face the deathly vampire army who are eager for a revenge on Bella. So in all this tussle of emotions, the battle of vampires, her life in danger, she has to choose between the two indispensables of her life and further choose the path of immortality. Will she be able to take the right decision??

The story is set in a small place called Forks, Washington. The plot describes horrendous killings in a nearby town named Seattle, with Alice (Edward’s vampire sister) seeing visions of Victoria coming to kill Bella. Bella’s interaction with Jacob increases, Jacob proposes Bella, asking her to choose him instead of Edward, while Edward also asks Bella for marriage. In the midst of all this, Bella Swan is anxious to become a vampire and live forever with Edward.


The book is a masterpiece with a general message of the good winning over bad, but it doesn’t deliver any particular social message. I personally liked the thrill and the irresistible romance between the three characters. The final climactic war showcases excellent thrill and excitement and this is what I loved most about the book. The author’s skill of portraying the teenager’s mind is outstanding. It feels like you can read the character’s mind on your own with a crystal clear view. The book is a romantic thriller that appeals to the young generation because of its innocence. It will leave the readers thrilled, anxious, biting their nails and waiting for the final conclusion.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

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