Book review – The Devil’s Triangle by Peter Brookes

So how did the terrorists of today come up with technology so upgraded? Well the answers lie in this book. According to the book the network (internet) and the tragic victimization of the historical cold war have served the purpose of the breeding ground of Islamic terrorism.

In this book , A Devil’s Triangle by Peter Brookes, the writer has made an effort to set up the linkage between the three main elements listed into the book as: Terrorism, the growing threat , WMD’s , a real threat and Rogue States who’s past have been written on the much condemned Cold War of the two superpowers .

The book also gives a fine explanation of the events that why, how and when did the things go wrong and what the pressing factors that made these states called to be as ‘AXIS OF EVIL’, a much hyped phrase given by former US President George Bush. The category of nations includes Syria, Iran and North Korea.

The struggle against Islamic Terrorism, the proliferation of the nuclear weapons and biological weapons together termed as weapons of mass destruction and the evil states is a campaign led by the nations to survive and this battle is of great uncertain sacrifice and hardship. Brookes’ book is a pro- American explanation which negates the other side of the coin. There has been no attempt to discover facts in where America and the other supporting nations could have averted such situations of confrontation. Americans had always followed the Big Brother Diplomacy concept, a concept it had been following since ages. There has been past instances where America was found guilty of its actions and decisions. The much fated America’s search for Osama ruined Afghanistan. America’s sham search for WMD’s in Iraq, a prosperous state under Dictator Saddam Husain let the state into averse and its population into shambles. Today these states are into ramshackle and the expert strong nations can not find out ways to deal with it. Further more the ethnic conflicts in these states and wrong and mutated information serves as the breeding ground of terrorism in these countries.

However, if one avoids the criticism, still the book can serve to the understanding of a much needed gap in current affairs literature, giving the world and students of international affairs the guide to America’s most pressing national security threats.

A Devil’s Triangle is a cold, hard slap across the face of Americans, warning that the terrorist threat has not subsided in the four years since 9/11, but in fact has escalated. The U.S. is in an epic struggle in the defense of freedom and our way of life. A failure to identify, understand, and meet these security challenges head on could lead to an incident that would make the unspeakable horrors of 9/11 seem like a minor tragedy. With resolve, determination and a willingness to lead, America will successfully meet these challenges, and freedom will prevail. Terrorism can be defeated. Proliferation can be curtailed. The behavior of rogue states can be modified.

The book not only attempts to define and explain the challenges of the new national security environment much together needed by the nations, but also examines the key players in this field and how they operate, the context in which they do so, how they are interconnected, and why we should care about this increasing threat. Not satisfied just to define the problem of the rogue states, but also, laying out options for solving it, the book, A Devil`s Triangle explores the means to emerge victorious against all these pernicious national security problems.

Pawan Atri

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