Book Review: The Ultimate Gift

It is said that sometimes a small gesture and a true notion of wisdom can change a person’s life.
THE ULTIMATE GIFT by Jim Stovall is truly a perfect gift and an ultimate book. It is a story about wisdom and lessons of life explained by Howard Red Stevens after his death as part of the will testament for his great nephew Jason. In this book Red Stevens a patriarch of his family, after his death leaves as a part of last testament of will a series of video-taped messages for his great nephew Jason.

This year long process undertaken by his long time lawyer friend Mr. Hamilton helps Jason in receiving the ultimate gifts of life. This book is actually more than a normal book. It is rather a journey or trip you have undertaken to experience life. The book enlightens and enhances the importance of people and small gestures in our lives. The 12 gifts wrapped in a video-tape as given by Red Stevens to Jason are nothing but the 12 gifts given by the author to his readers in order to reach the ultimate gift of life.

The 12 gifts of work, money, friends, learning, gift of problems, family, laughter, dreams, gift of giving, of gratitude, gift of a day and gift of love will in the end help one in reaching the ultimate gift i.e. of life. Each of these gifts helps one in understanding the importance of small notions in life. Strangely all of us take these gifts and notions for granted.

Most of us don’t think about the value of money and hard work. In this fast paced and mechanical world we have forgotten about the gift of laughter and laughing in the face of problems. What is so amazing is that all of us dream but we don’t realize how important is this gift of dreaming and analyzing what is life all about. The selfless gesture of giving unconditional help and love to others and showing gratitude to people are the moral gifts of life.

Jim Stovall in this book shows us the importance of these gifts in a very simple and unique manner. The language of the book is very ordinary and easy to grasp. People have a common belief that books on wisdom are boring and for the old, however this book is neither boring nor ordinary. It takes one on an exciting journey of self discovery and to both old and young; it highlights the importance of all the above gifts in order to reach the ultimate gift of living a beautiful life.

This book gives a marvelous and extraordinary glimpse of life as it is and how it should be if a person is ready to change his attitude. The author gives a beautiful message of hope and possibility of a good life to his readers.

For me the best gift that Red Stevens gave Jason is that of laughter and dreams where he explains in a very simple manner how one’s life changes if he knows how to laugh in the face of problems; Whereas the gift of dreams highlights the importance of how dreaming can become the first step of changing one’s life. It is about how with dreams one can take the first step towards his ultimate self and his true destiny.

In the end Jason’s journey in this year long process of self discovery and finding his true self captivates the hearts and soul of all, young and old alike. This book is truly a memorable one and helps the readers maintain a smile till the last page. Finally to all the readers I’ll advice, go grab this book and read it to experience THE ULTIMATE GIFT of life and living.

Aarshi Dua