Book Review: Until forever by Johanna Lindsey

Johanna Lindsey is known for her regency novels and unique writing style, she is one of the well known American authors who excesl in writing about historical romances from various eras, ranging from the Viking era to the Middle Ages to London aristocracy to science fiction romances to time travel to the old west and also English regency, she has written about absolutely everything. One of her best series of books is the Malory family series which is about the English regency and the lives of various family members. The most characterized features of her books are strong willed character heroines and arrogant and domineering heroes. In her books the male protagonist or the heroes are always Alpha-males, those who are self-reliant, arrogant, powerful, strong willed and overtly sexual. Love, romance and seduction are woven in the story of history and society in an altogether different era form the core of Miss Lindsey’s novels.

Until forever is one of the finest books written by Johanna Lindsey and was published in 1995. One of the best selling American novels, it is also the winner of 1995 RRA time travel award. This book gives the reader the pleasure of reading the history of one of the major events of the world which in turn was the beginning of the English monarchial superiority. This book begins with the present and is evolved in the shadows of the past and journeys through time and travels in a magical realm of love and glory.

This is the story about a prim and proper and beautiful history professor Roseleen White who had a passion for collecting antique weapons and finally got her most prized possession in her hands – a thousand year old Scandinavian sword called the ‘Blooddrinkers curse’. Which had a myth or legend associated with it that no women should ever acquire this sword or else there would be dire consequences. When Roseleen holds the sword in her hands she has no idea that that she is now the mistress of not only the sword but an immortal cursed Viking called Thorn Blooddrinker whom she summons accidently from the Odin’s (Viking God) Valhalla (Viking heaven).

Bedeviled and cursed to obey the command of every women who became the owner of the sword, Thorn is astonished and surprised to know that Roseleen does not want any riches or want him for her pleasure or to fight battles for her rather she is intrigued by the knowledge of past that he knows and holds with him. She also wants to visit the past and witness the greatest battles of all time i.e. the battle of Hastings where the Duke of Normandy, William won the English crown from the Saxon King – Harold. This event was the one which laid strong base for English monarchy and changed the entire course of world history however to their own cost Roseleen and Thorn accidently by going back in time altered certain events, which changed the entire course of history i.e. where William is not the winner of the battle which in turn altered her own present life. Until forever is the story of how they both journey back in time to undo the wrong they committed and make the history as it’s known to the world and with this journey of time also becomes the journey of love and in the end a journey of sacrifice as only Roseleen holds the power to free Thorn from his cursed immortal life. Will Roseleen release the sword and sacrifice her love for Thorn which exceeds time itself or will the book hold an altogether different ending for them?

In all this book is the epitome of love, sacrifice and history – a must read book for all those regency lovers who love reading historical romances. On a personal note this book helped me not only to enjoy regency but also to develop a greater interest in British history and made me realize that if a single event would have been altered in the past or changed then the entire course of the past and present would have altered the outcome of any battle is not just decided by power of military or naval power but also by luck, timing and chance. So my advice to all the readers is to go grab this book and drown yourself in the mesmerizing journey of the past and love. It’s a must read book for all the avid book lovers.

Aarshi Dua