#BookBucketChallenge: Why It Beats The Ice Bucket Challenge


Even though the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge swept up the world with its gushing enthusiasm, numerous contractions emerged in its wake. From being accused of slacktivism that offers a medium of escape from donation, to being called a staunch enemy of drought hit regions of the world, the Ice Bucket Challenge has received its fair share of criticism, and justifiably so.

Putting that aside, a lot of good also emerged out of the ALS challenge, and we’re not just talking about the 70 million dollar that was raised!

The trend of taking up challenges has caught the youth in frenzy and a plethora of other kinds of bucket challenges have entered the scene. For instance, the Rice Bucket Challenge, whereby you’re asked to donate a bucket of rice to a homeless person, gained immense popularity.

Posts and memes of teenagers claiming to do the “KFC Bucket Challenge” were also doing the rounds.

However, what truly touched our hearts, was the beginning of “The Book Bucket Challenge”, in which, once nominated you need to publish a list of 10 books that changed your life, and nominate your fellow readers to do the same.

Embracing your inner bibliophile, it’s time to recount why we love the Book Bucket Challenge:

  • No wastage of water

Contrary to the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Book Bucket Challenge does not entitle you to waste water in a time when many parts of the world are facing serious drought.

In an attempt at entertaining ourselves, we unconsciously waste a resource that is invaluable. Book Bucket Challenge in turn adds to our knowledge bank, while binding us in a trend we find enjoyable!

  • More Book suggestions

If you are one of those people who are forever searching for something to read, the Book Bucket Challenge comes to your rescue!

Search for #bookbucketchallenge and behold! You will find a list of popular books that people have read and loved, waiting to be read.

If you are an avid reader or someone looking to take up reading, the Book Bucket Challenge is the perfect trend for you to join.

  • Encourages Reading

The Book Bucket Challenge emerges as one of those rare examples of positive peer pressure. When your friend runs behind you to join in the fun, you know you can’t resist it.

And to compile a list of 10 books, you know you’ve got to read much more than what you have so far.

  • Enhances understanding

Nothing gives you a glimpse of someone’s mind better than the books they read. Their ideas, their thoughts, their emotions are all conveyed through a simple list, bringing you closer to their intellectual self in a way nothing else can.

So, bring out your thoughts. Let the world know what left a mark on you. Take the Book Bucket Challenge today! (Don’t forget to add the hashtag #bookbucketchallenge to join the parade!)

Arushi Walecha

[Image Source: http://img.talkandroid.com/uploads/2013/11/stack_of_books.jpg]