Books to read before you turn 25

The following list is a compilation of books that I have read over the course of my journey called life. I can’t say with utmost confidence that these books are going to give you all the knowledge, expertise and life lessons that you need before you turn 25, as my parents and friends think I turned out just fine. Here is a list, which one should read these books before he/she turns 25. However, if you choose not to there won’t be any change in your complexion.

    1. Atlas Shrugged: It is end of history for novels. By end of history I mean, there can be nothing better than this. It is a fictional story of industrialists in contention with the socialists in mid-twentieth century America. The novel by its very title raises the question what would happen to the world if the very people who sustain it suddenly disappear. Ayn Rand expounds on her philosophy of objectivism. The bold characters, intriguing story line, anexcellent writing style earned Atlas shrugged the no.1 status on the list. In short your life is incomplete without it.
    2.  Prodigal Daughter:It is the story of Florentyna and her ascension to the post of President of United States. More popularly known as the sequel of Jeffrey Archer’s acclaimed novel Kane and Abel. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Prodigal Daughter before reading Kane and Abel. The strong character of Florentyna beguilesthe readers. Never before have I seen such a powerful female character except in politicians like Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi.
    3. India’s struggle for freedom:How many of us are aware of our own country’s struggle for freedom? This novel by Bipin Chandra is not like other history books;from the very first page it mesmerizes the reader by building an interesting flow right from the beginning. One never dose off reading this history book and it is hard to put down once you have started reading it.The book gives an unbiased account of freedom struggle andanswersmany a relevant questions like why did congress accepted partition? Who was responsible for partition? Why it was impossible to overthrow British rule with an armed struggle? Gandhi ji’s strategy of peace-struggle-peace has been explained in a very comprehensive manner.
    4. Taipan: It is a story set in the background of trade relations between Europe and China. James Clavell brings the magic through Dirk Struan, the protagonist of the story. Apart from giving a detailed insight of Chinese customs, Taipan is an action packed love story of Dirk Struan and May-May.
    5. Men are from mars and women are from Venus: Men and Women are different. There are so many things that we don’t know about the opposite sex. John Gray has revealed all that you need to know about him/her. Why men go to cave? Why women go to well? All your questions will be answered. The secrets brought directly from Mars and Venus to your doorsteps.
    6. Indira: Indira by Katherine Frank is a biography of one of one of world’s most efficient leader-Indira Gandhi, rightly described as the only man in her government. It is a well researched book by Katherin frank that highlights both the high and lows of her life as a daughter, wife, mother and Prime Minister. Her aunt called her ugly, her father ruled her life but Indira Gandhi became the leader of most populous democracy in the world. Mired by criticism for implementing emergency, we overlook some of herbest policies, her stance against USA, her contribution towards Bangladesh liberation war, her economic policies, nationalisation of banks and abolition of privy purses were commendable. Katherine frank gives an unbiased account of Indira Gandhi as a politician. Her high handed behaviour which led to the fall of congress in many states, her excessive centralised policies and emergency has been equally highlighted.
    7. For one more day: It is a story of a man who gets to spend one more day with her mother. Mitch Albom has done magic with this book, the book dwells into the deep relationship between a mother and her chid and how for granted we take this relationship. Short and easy to read, the novel is engaging right from the very first words. An inspirational read filled with life lessons. It is Mitch Albom’s one of the best works.
    8. Rage of Angels: Rage of Angels by Sydney Sheldon revolves around the life of young Attorney Jennifer Parker. Her strong female character filled with determination and confidence but at the same time heartbroken. Fast moving plot with new surprises at every page makes this novel a must read. Jennifer’s character is so absorbing and the charisma never stops.
    9. When a mighty tree falls:the 1984 carnage and its aftermath: This book by Manoj Mitta and H.S Phoolka creates a scene by scene picture of what happened after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The first half of the book gives a detailed account of the merciless blatant killing ofSikhs for three whole days in the national capital and the then congress government’s inefficiency to tackle the situation as well as the alleged involvement in abetting the riots of some of its MP’s. The second half of the book deals with the aftermath of the riots, the reports and findings of different commissions and trials that followed. What makes the title of the novel so suitable is the caustic and well criticised statement of Rajiv Gandhi,“When a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes.”
    10. c’est la vie: It is a soon to be released novel by the same author who has written this article. The information about this novel is a mystery. If the world survives 2012 End of the world prophecy, then if not you, at least your kids would be able to read this novel before they turn 25
Bhanuj Saharan