Born Free

What does independence mean to me?

Independence to me is being able to be myself
The summation of my culture, morals and faith
It is the person I have become and the things I do
It is doing those things wrong, repeating mistakes
Until one day… when I am no more at fault

Independence to me is the promise of maturity
It is how I’m living and letting live in a diverse society
It is the respect for each and every diverse independent person
It is when I eat mutton and firni on Eid with my Muslim friend
And when he attends the langar at my Gurudwara

Independence to me is when I voice my opinion
It is when none are against me when I raise my voice
It is when the whole nation’s voice resonates with me
It is the one single issue that the entire nation voiced
Gandhian with Nehru topi… independence personified.

Independence to me is 10 years since 9/ 11
It is wondering as a little kid why the plane killedthose in the WTC
It is still being stuck with the same question, also
Marveling at Laden’s promise of his heaven with 72 virgins
In awe… hoping that those delusional souls find their sinful heaven

Independence is the iron lady fasting in the north-east
It is her unrelenting struggle against what is unjust
It is ten years and more of self-governance with resolve
It is the satyagraha the country forgot, it is
The day she waits for, the day justice will prevail.

Independence to me is what the Indian freedom fighters desired
It is not what the builders of modern India delivered
It is reflecting on the true meaning of freedom
It is where the mind is without fear
… Andwhere, the head is held high

Akshay Singh Ralhi

The author considers himself a grasshopper and also The Bigger Lebowski and Jack’s wasted life. He rants and writes and makes up stuff. He is studying the law but he wants to be a journalist and eventually grow as a writer. He tries to be happy and likes people who like him. He hates the shanti after the party.