Bottleless Coolers

A constant supply of fresh drinking water is essential to keep the mind sharp and the body active. If you care about the wellbeing of your employees you should consider installing bottleless coolers in your office.

The last water cooler you had was of the bottled variety. And at the rate at which people consume water in your office, you had to change up to 3 bottles a day. Bottled water coolers can be an expensive bet. Therefore, you need to consider the advantages of bottleless coolers.

Most office canteens have bottleless coolers installed in their premises. They are hooked on to the buildings water supply and continuously dispense cold, fresh and filtered drinking water throughout the day.

Just because they run on electricity does not mean that they are going to run up huge electricity bills. The mechanism in most brands ensures that they use less energy and supply safe drinking water. The best bottleless coolers in the market come equipped with energy saving certificates so you should keep an eye out for these certificates when doing your research.

Most of the botlleless coolers today also come equipped with a filtration and refrigeration mechanism, which ensures that the water that comes out from it is filtered, safe for drinking and is chilled.

Bottleless coolers are indeed the best option for your office. They will help you save a lot of money in the long run and you can absolutely forget about having someone change bottles all day.

Bottleless coolers are economical, user friendly and very easy to maintain. Make sure you do your research before you contact any supplier. Have a budget in mind, before you render a search and depending on the number of employees you have in your office take your pick. The internet is a great place to do a comparison and gain awareness of the brands that are available. Make sure you have a list of brands that you may want before you contact your supplier.