Bottling Down Plastic

Another necessary evil that we can’t think of living without. While the world revelled in its practicality and myriad forms, it kept growing by leaps and bounds. No one could stop himself from gaping at its amazing qualities. The dark, rather, stark side of the story, kept its profile low and blossomed only at the junction when it hurt the most. Acknowledging the scourge attached to it, we have shown willingness to avail it. Such is the aura of this entity.    


                WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PLASTIC…..!!!!                                                                         

This substance is special – undoubtedly. In fact, the other night, I was having a blast with my gang, at the terrace of my friend’s place. Thanks to my carelessness, a bottle of Pepsi slipped out of my hand and triggered towards the road that hardly gets a breather. Though the bottle was empty, but what exactly went in my favour was it being a PET bottle. All along its entourage, I kept imagining my state, had it been a glass bottle scurrying down to smash the bonnet of some fast moving vehicle.

The incident may not sound convincing enough to idolise plastic, but it certainly came to my rescue. The idea is to highlight the virtue of this substance. There is no point canvassing it, as its ominous widespread presence speaks volumes about it.

Today, plastic is omnipresent. We just can’t conceive of our world without the Midas touch of plastic. It has crept into our lives silently but emphatically.

But as we know, all good things must come to an end. So, the feel-good factor must give way to the evil aspect. It is the stark side of the story that threatens to malign the reputation it earned.

This stark side compiles the data of costs incurred to enrich our lives with the plastic grandeur. Plastic in today’s world stands out as an eminent pollutant for our environment. Its notorious attribute of not getting decomposed adds to its disrepute. It bothers very few that plastic is non-biodegradable. It can only be downgraded and remains in one form or the other in nature, oozing ferocity.

So the stage is set. On the one hand, we know what plastic is made up of, while on the other, we also know that it has some score to settle. The reality is that we can’t have a  plastic free world. Eradicating plastic is just a fantasy; in fact anything that has seen the light of the day cannot be weeded out, whatever its ill-effects may be.

Its emancipation may be hampered, owing to the condemnation it has to face. But it would just be an evanescent phase. Because one can simply not annihilate its existence.

Kopal Dhawan

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