Box Office Scores: Business Beats Art


Salman’s Kick, Shahrukh’s Happy New Year or Amir’s PK, which one won the race? Yes, I am talking about the race of earning crores by dancing to a few cheap songs & huge star cast. In the past few years, it has been seen that box office earnings have replaced meaningful cinema & talent in our film industry.

Bollywood is one of the biggest centres of film production in the world, and perhaps that is why, we absolutely neglect talent, art and intellect in movies, forall that matters is business. (pun intended)

The first week of any film release has now become the determiner of its fate. People do not look for critics review anymore, since the decision to go ahead and buy the ticket rests solely onhow much money the movie made.

In an industry which is brimming with talented actors and stardom for many of them is just like any fairytale, it is disappointing that money is all that matters now, apparently. Ajay Devgan’s Singham topped the charts and left many meaningful movies behind when it came to box office records. The question that remains unanswered, however, is: wasthis film actually better than all other films?  Films,that may have been brilliant, but whose makers failed to compete against the multi-crore budget films & their larger than life heroes and heroines.

Bollywood like any other industry is based on the rock of money, of course; but talent and performance should be the real determining factors. No actor I believe, be it Salman, SRK or Akshay, likes to be bided for, by the so called fortune tellers of film industry; nor do they appreciate their movies being ranked in terms of business and not performance.

We are a sensible bunch of people, but we do not believe in using much of our sensibility when it comes to choosing the movies to go for. Maybe that is the reason we care so less about the genre, story, acting or even entertainment and tag these movies with the names like, “400crore hit” or a “multimillion bagger”.

Who doesn’t like watching good movies? They either need to make sense or be entertaining. That is what really matters. Why do we need to count business that these movies make like cricket scores?

In my view, not only is such a race ridiculous and meaningless, but it also degrades the art or entertainment quotient of these extremely hard working actors and film makers.

Hope we start appreciating the real factors of the movie being a hit or a flop rather than the cash bags it collects!

Aditi Mishra

Image Source: [Google]