Brain Waves

Oscar looked down at the book and on the page he turned, he saw some new writing. “Don’t look for love. I am right beside you in your brain waves”. Oscar looked down at the butterfly on his shoulder and he loved it. He stopped reaching and his sadness inside seemed to vanish. He knew what he could see. The butterfly stayed on his shoulder. Bran could be seen beyond the garden in a large meadow. Oscar was glad to be there.

In the distance he could see a figure walking slowly and methodically. Oscar knew that the figure knew him somehow. He could tell by the way he walked with certainty. He glared down at his book to see another message appear. “Be consoled! Your eyes are your own. In some eyes, you will surely die alone!” As the man approached, he could tell that he instantly liked him. The old man shuffled in grey robes towards him. He was bald with sallow skin and had a long thin grey beard.

Oscar looked into his eyes and could see they were milky white. He was blind. He held out his hand to reach Oscar. Oscar accepted it. A broad smile creased the cracks in his face. “Os-car”, he said slowly in broken syllables. “Yes”, Oscar replied tentatively. The old man shook his hand. “I am Hyun Su. We have a long journey so we go now.” Oscar could only begin to wonder where he was going with this blind man, and the significance of what the book told him.

He turned around and Bran meekly rubbed against his coat. “Where am I going?” Oscar asked. Hyun Su pointed in the direction of the woods. “Night, come soon. Let’s go”, he said. From a satchel on his back he produced two slices of bread and a piece of liver. “Meat for Bran”, he said, and held it out into the air. The scent reached Bran’s nostrils and he sprang to life, taking the meat from the stranger’s hands. Oscar thanked him. “Bread for us”, he laughed. Oscar graciously accepted and bowed towards him.

With food in their mouths, Oscar and Bran could remember their hunger. Each bite they took felt richly deserved. “We must walk”. Hyun Su gestured towards the direction of the woods. They walked so slowly, Oscar wondered if they would ever reach their destination. The dark wood spread out before them. Leaves swirled around the dry ground. The air was crisp and the scent and sound of the wood enveloped them.

The dusk began to creep in, and Oscar thought about the rapidly diminishing light, and how much distance was left before his eyes. No sooner did the thought leave his mind, when some strange light filtered through the branches of the trees. Oscar could hardly believe how bright it was. The path weaved its way around it, and on top of a hill, a train emerged.

Lena O’ Connell

Lena O’ Connell graduated from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2009. She
specialised in fine art, sculpture. Lena currently lives and works in Tipperary, Ireland.
She teaches art to children and is aspiring to undertake a higher diploma in
art teaching.

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