Brands and Publicity – Part I

Twenty Eleven, is a time in the history of the world when the population of the world has outweighed all the odds in making businesses flourish. Despite all the instability in the Middle East, inflation, the war for oil is on, Euro crisis, second recession doing the rounds, all seem irrelevant when we see business statistics. From pedigree to shoes, cosmetics to high end clothing, home decors to palatial interiors, internet to networking, all investments have given big returns. There is no sign anywhere nearby that the world’s gonna stop for a moment. All the companies be it retailers, merchandisers, software bigwigs, conglomerates or startups; they have found their way out with the help of whopping 7 billion people (approaching) present on this earth. The story of debt and fiscal deficits of the nation is other scope of economy, which we are not discussing here. Let’s dig into it a bit deeper and see what has caused all this to happen.

The e-world has been a big contributor towards this movement and business of making businesses flourish. It can be declared as the biggest ever publicity stunt that one could do. The brands/companies have taken an edge with the help of this publicity agent. Get your ad posted in several sites, blogs, personal websites and there you go increasing the network of people buying your brand. It has become the key factor in giving new entrants a warm welcome to the market of competition.

I must admit that Ad Gurus have become smart over a period of time and are more potent these days when it comes to fooling the public. Human sentiments take a back seat while they conceptualise their advertisements and brands buck up for advertisement campaigns. Each brand has made it a strategy to woo people in certain segments of society. Some are directed towards the “youngistan”, some to “oldistand”, some to the “Just married” and some to the “married for a while”. Companies don’t mind spending an extra buck over that special intended ad as they hold the trust that it would fetch them a big sum.

We are not unaware of the fact that in today’s world when people or I must say common masses have also grown smarter and have the strength of ousting a company or a brand from the market, the companies and brands take a bigger jump by associating corporate social responsibility with their brands. Classmate stationary is one such big example. They never hesitate to inflict their business strategies lavishly.

Now coming to the core publicity i.e. big banners hanging outside the malls, posters and the poles on the divider of the main road of the city, pamphlets in newspapers and advertisements on television, do we realize that we breathe the brands every now and then? Our forefathers would not have even imagined once that financial services would find a way to publicize. But today they stand as one of those companies whose ads touch your heart the most.  They appeal to you the second you watch them.

All said and done, there is no doubt that awareness in itself is the biggest publicity. And we are running through the phase in the history of tomorrow when awareness is at its peak. So it doesn’t even matter what brand either a startup or an established is advertising or publicizing. We have got people at each level of pyramid to satiate business investments and give them big returns. So why wouldn’t businesses flourish manifold! Neither companies refrain themselves from neither publicizing nor people put a constraint on themselves to be selective. The question that keeps hovering in our minds is “Are these brands and their publicity trustworthy?”

Karanvir Gupta