Breaking Dawn Part II: A Review

A Twist To The End

If you read my previous article on the Twilight Saga coming to an end, you’ll be able to recall something I mentioned about Robert Pattinson hinting at a twist in the end of Breaking Dawn Part II in an interview. You’ll remember –it’s fine if you didn’t read the article by the way –me talking about how fans all over the world agree that this is the best movie in the whole series. You may remember me wishing for some more action in this movie.

Nothing disappoints.

Breaking Dawn Part II was the perfect ending to the Twilight Saga. It didn’t just meet my high expectations; it exceeded them.

The movie was almost flawless. The opening credits stretched on for a while. The background imagery interspersed black and white shots of various places in Forks with microscopic views of blood cells, coming together occasionally in red-splattered pictures of the gorgeous town.

In the first part of Breaking Dawn, we saw Edward and Bella getting married and going for their eventful honeymoon –one which had rather unexpected results for the both of them. We saw Bella growing weaker as her baby developed at a rapid rate, and then finally, Reneésme Cullen’s birth and the conversion of Bella into a vampire. The last scene was seriously amazing; the camera focuses on her face for a long time and then her eyes suddenly snap open.

When they do, they’re blood red.

Part II picks up where Part I left off. The credits morph into a mass of crimson which zooms out to become a pair of irises.

You’re right –they’re Bella’s eyes.

Although the beginning was perfect, the length of the credits ruined it a little. It would have been better if the movie just started with the shot of the eyes.

After her daughter’s birth and finally becoming a vampire, everything seems perfect for Bella Cullen. She has all of eternity to spend with her husband, and nothing could be better.

Alas! Life isn’t all that simple. Irina, a vampire from the Denali coven is still anguished over the death of her “mate”, Laurent, whom we met in the first book along with James and Victoria. In New Moon, he had tried to kill Bella but Jacob saved her. Naturally, she’s out to seek revenge against the Cullens, but since they have been friends for centuries, she does nothing. Until she sees Reneésme and mistakes her for something she is not.

And that’s how the wheels are set in motion.

Somehow, the Volturi –a family of royal, “law-enforcing” vampires –are now involved –and never does that mean a good thing. The Cullens, along with as many allies as they can assemble, are now involved in an epic battle to protect the most precious member of their family.

The movie stays true to the book and most of the major details are there. They’ve tried to show how turning into a vampire enhanced Bella’s senses, but the animation is pretty unrealistic most of the times. The dialogues needed to be a little louder and clearer, but everyone’s acting in this movie was commendable. Plus, the story was conveyed majorly through drama, so you didn’t really miss all that much. It was fast paced and there was no time to get bored. There were real action scenes and boy, weren’t they amazing!

The casting of all the other new vampires was appropriate and most of them fit perfectly into their roles, as did the music. One of the best things about the movie was that it wasn’t extremely “mushy”, which was a great thing for me. For once, the plotline centered on more than Edward and Bella’s relationship. All you skeptics are going to change your minds, at least for this one movie.

Speaking of the plotline, the twist in the story definitely deserves a special mention. It was absolutely crazy, to say the least. Everyone in the hall was screaming in alternating horror and excitement. It was a very daring thing to do, but I’m glad they did it. It was executed tremendously well, and I found myself wishing that even the book had actually been written like that. Everyone went nuts over it –as will you

For those of you who’ve followed the story religiously since its beginning, read every single book and seen every single movie, it’s going to be even better. After getting so attached to it, when you see an ending like that, which blows your mind away, you’re probably going to cry because it ended.

Clear up your schedules and find time to go watch this movie, because if you don’t, you’re really going to curse yourself for missing it while you had the chance.

Breaking Dawn Part II breaks its bonds and goes beyond being just a typical love story. It’s a thriller, it’s got suspense, and it even has bits of humour sprinkled in all the right places.

It’s the perfect end to a passionate love story, one you really can’t forget.

Sanya Sharma

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