Breasts implants – Really?

Yesterday someone asked how old you are! When I was a teenager I did not care a damn about this question and I always thought, come what may I will never react to appreciation or usual age inquiries. I failed. I long for appreciation, attention and I refused to use one of my email ids because it had my birth year. I rejected that email id after I crossed twenty five. Anyhow, this post is not about the age inquiries, it’s more than that. I am happier about my age because am younger to AishwaryaRai and Kareena Kapoor isn’t younger than I am! At least that helps. I know it is a weird way to look at it, however am writing the truth here, right from the left part of my brain.

The age inquiry is at least better than what I used to hear in college. I was a real skinny person, I have no clue how I survived hurtful remarks from ‘boys’ I graduated with. Some even remarked on my face, pssst ‘she is flat chested’! Well, if that troubles you get your mom’s breasts and gift it to me! Never mind. Well, at least my breast size was always bigger than my age! I hope that’s not the case when I cross 36…I do not want to walk by my brests. My legs are efficient for that purpose. Men are hard to satisfy. They joked about one of the well-endowed girl in my batch. Her breasts enter the classroom before she does. Thank you; pull a chair for ‘them’ then. What’s wrong with you guys!

On a serious note, having bigger breasts is a challenge. The women with size-D have some serious problems. They have intense pain in the breast in their menstrual cycles, it’s painful if they have to run and they can even get neck & sever back aches! It’s very personal, but one of the girls I knew had really bad bra strap marks on her shoulders. So much so that there was a deep mark and I felt her shoulders may be slit by that sometime soon. In India especially girls are not even aware of their right bra size. And it isn’t funny. It can cause problems. Wearing a wrong support can lead to health hazards. I knew a girl in college and at work too, one a teenage, another about twenty four, both did not know what size they ought to be wearing. They would just wear what their mums got them! I have no clue why such discussions are such a taboo in India. Large breasted girls/women hide it and flat chested have to wear push-up bras. I blame both men and women for this. I blame men for obvious reasons. Women, because I have known girls who were rejected by to-be-MILs because boy’s mum thought breasts are not good enough for her son! Bless her and her son, my lord.

I did post about the website that’s run by two guys who promote breast implants and women get money for free. More details in here. The point I am trying to make is that women get so obsessed with this notion that they do not mind getting under the knife. It’s stupid! Again, I do not judge the women who do so; they have their own reasons, their own bigger-not-better-though breasts and their own bodies to flirt with. However, people are making money at the cost of someone’s health. Breast implants can cause serious issues for breast feeding and what not.

I respect the role that breasts play in daily life and otherwise. However, boys, men who ever reads this, please refrain from commenting so openly to a woman about her size. Compliment if you wish however keep quiet if you cannot appreciate what you see. It’s a very delicate issue and women cannot handle criticism about this easily. It does take a toll and is challenging. As I never judge a man by ‘his’ size I wouldn’t want to be judged based on ‘my’ size. I would like to assume that’s the case with any intellectual woman. You are just another human species who is living here. Women can easily reproduce once human cloning is legalized. As I see you are an extinct species down the line. Respect us! We deserve it.

Chintan Gupta

A human, a woman and a writer! She loves everything extravagant and exaggerated. She is petite with not-so-petite dreams. She works for money and write to live. All-in-all, a woman with a strong opinion and fire inside!