Budget Presented – Opposition Walks Out

In an unprecedented move by the Opposition, they decided to walk out during Pranab Mukherjee’s Budget speech and presentation of Union Budget 2010-11. It is not an unknown fact that most MPs lack basic etiquettes when it comes to debates and discussions and sights of flying slippers, complete mayhem, and people shouting at each other is not uncommon.

So while Pranab Mukherjee was delivering his speech, instead of listening to him with some intent and raise counter arguments later after the speech is over, the Opposition “boycotted” the Budget so to say and walked out in great disrespect.

As an afterthought, I feel that it is very important for leaders of our country to be involved in healthy discussions with the only motive of national interest rather than constant bickering and stone throwing. Politics is not about tit for tat where if the leading party is in favour of something, the opposition has to be against it. Politics should be about healthy discussions where all parties are involved in national interest, and if they differ in points, they amicably present their concerns.

For something as trivial as a Re. 1 hike in prices of fossil fuels, the Opposition leaves the Lok Sabha, however none of them stand there to agree with the reduced taxes and duties on alternative sources of energy that will probably go a long way in making our lives more eco-friendly.

The larger debate here is that when will our leaders learn to respect the sanctum of the Parliament and leave behind vested interests and personal problems and become more involved in a nation-building process. After all we need to be perceived as a mature nation led by mature leaders and not make a mockery of ourselves at every Lok Sabha assembly.

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