Budweiser Puts It Emotionally: Don’t Drink And Drive


More than the harm that alcohol has on one’s body, the concern of drinking has always been more with regard to the kind of effect it has on your behavior. While the concern of alcohol-driven violence, lowered inhibitions, and loss of memory are all on one side, drunken-driving occupies as an alarming issue on its own.

“Don’t drink and drive” is a phrase always heard, mostly ignored. While everyone is concerned about another person’s drunken driving, when it comes to the self, there is some kind of confidence that “I am sober enough to drive” or “I am a good driver”. But drunken-driving is not just a concern when someone else is on the driving seat; it is applicable as much to you as it is to anyone else.

The message has always failed to reach drivers before, but Budweiser has come out with a campaign called Global Be(er) Responsible Day that will break your heart until it hits your conscious with just the right chord.

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Times of India writes, “Ifthis dog can’t stop you from drinking and driving, what can?”

Be it alcohol or tobacco, any product made of it comes with the packaging that has written on it “alcohol/tobacco consumption is injurious to health” (cigarettes having a dreadful looking front cover as well), yet the message does not reach its consumers. But this time Budweiser has given out a message that is emotionally powerful, if that’s how I should put it.

Really, if this will not stop you from drunken-driving, what will?

Pallavi Sharma

Image Source [Youtube Video Screenshot]