Building Noah’s Ark each day

I just saw Evan Almighty and I must say, the movie is actually very funny, but it does have an underlying message to it. The Noah’s Ark is the central theme of the movie, wherein the newly elected Senator Even tries to build an ark with two of every kind of animal and most importantly, his family.

Family is something that we have almost forgotten; we are always busy emailing people who don’t care if we feel down or chatting with our e-buddies sitting across seven seas and acting happy about how we know someone in England, though we don’t even know who lives next door. All off a sudden, Orkut and Facebook have become the only media of getting connected with our family. When was the last time we wrote a letter to someone? Or even made a simple phone call to your sister in Bangalore? Where has the family gone? Is Blackberry the only sweet berry we will ever enjoy? What about those little red ones we sneakily bought from the redhiwaalas?

You’ll ask me, what’s that to do with Noah and his ark? Or even a sequel to Jim Carrey’s movie? Well, for one, as the movie says, the ARK means Act of Random Kindness. Yes, just do something nice for someone out there, just go and help the lady trying to cross the street with a heavy grocery bag or even that little street pooch you see rummaging into your dustbin. Just be kind for a day, a month or even a year, and see how good you feel. It’s so simple to be happy, just make someone smile or giggle, crack a joke about yourself or about how stupid your boss looks in his white pants and white shirts, or if you’re the boss, laugh at yourself for dressing up like Jeetendra and maybe even do a small dance for your colleagues.

The very act of building an ark is seen as the man’s act of selfless service to humanity. I went to the Jeevan Jyoti home last week which is run by Mother Teresa’s Charity and you can just feel the vibes of different emotions when you see throngs of poor people lined up on a footpath in Jangpura, which is a very posh area in Delhi. I really feel that each one of us should try build and ark for someone, no matter how small it is. An ark is nothing but a feeling of homeliness which we can give to someone who really needs it. It’s not necessary to give money as charity, as they say, “To give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for life”. You can just go ahead and volunteer for any NGO. Just go ahead and be Noah; you don’t need to grow a beard for it, nor do you need God delivering lumber at your doorstep, all you need is a little heart.

You don’t need to be pious to build a relation with god, every religion teaches that the greatest connect with god can be build when we simply take some time out of our busy lives and just do an act of kindness.

I don’t believe in any one religion because at the core of it, all religions teach just one thing and that’s love and respect for everyone. If we all just stop for a while with our “religious” fights and understand these simple things; that “dharma” isn’t Hinduism, but the path of righteousness. The simple fact is that the essence of Dharma is “Yatha Mati , Yatha Dharm” , which means what you can justify to your soul is the true path of Dharma. The happiest and the most successful people in life are not the greedy workaholics, but those who work hard, spend time with their families and take some time out from life to do something to reach out to others who really need some “love”.

Ishaan Bhardawaj

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