Business through Networking Sites

Social capital is a modern sociological concept which examines the value of networking. It has been observed that social contact increases the productivity of individuals – a concept that is very relevant in the boundary-less boundless virtual world.

Social networking sites have engulfed the internet over the past few years. To survive in this competitive day and age it is essential for businesses to have a strong online presence, and the more enterprising ones have begun tapping into these networks. Facebook and Twitter see a large section of members who are using the service for their business ventures, and there are sites such as LinkedIn and XING which are solely dedicated to professional networking.

First and foremost the great thing about these sites is that they offer free, or at the most, low-cost cost connectivity across the globe. What better way for small entrepreneurs to expand their contact base? All networking sites have these common features – member profiles, discussion forums and event coordination. One can upload one’s entire resumé, and employers seeking potential candidates can sift and select according to qualifications and past experience. ‘’Web introductions’’ often lead to fruitful job interviews set up through mutual contacts.

It is also possible to search for companies by name and view information such as the job titles and descriptions, male to female ratios, locations, contact details and occasionally even employee lists.

Brand images are more important than ever before with the market being flooded by products and services of all kinds. How does one stand out? Well, online activity is one of the radical approaches. It is common for a company or individual to start a group on a site such as Facebook, and then post links to their articles or videos once they gather a following. Twitter is used even more ingenuously – one can post links to other popular websites or articles related to one’s field. Once you gain credibility and know your page is being visited, you can start ‘’tweeting’’ about your own personal work as well. A sure shot at global publicity, you’ll agree.